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How to Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted to Foster a Child

You know that you’re a caring and compassionate person who would excel at supporting a foster child, but the process needs to take more into account than just that. While it would be great if that were the only definitive factor, there are many things that can make or break a foster application, despite your good intentions.

Have a Child-Friendly Home

During the foster process, your home is going to be visited more than once, and as a bare minimum, it’s required you have a designated room for the foster child. With this in mind, if you’re certain you want to foster and currently live in a one-bedroom apartment, you can improve your chances by considering moving into a more suitable property (if it’s in your means to do so).

Make Sure the Spare Room Is Big Enough

Having a spare room is a must, but it also needs to be big enough to hold a bed comfortably, as well as other essentials like a wardrobe or set of drawers. You just need to show that you have substantial room for a foster child to comfortably fit their belongings and provide the privacy they might need.

Build a Life in the Place You Live (or Want to Live)

When choosing foster parent suitability, the process will need to know that you are legally able to live and work in your chosen place, but not only that, it’s always going to look better if you intend to stay in your location permanently. Those with a nomadic lifestyle, for example, or those with plans to relocate or travel very soon aren’t going to show that they can provide a stable, long-term placement for a foster child. You can then also search for the right agencies close to your location, such as Orange Grove London, to find the ideal fostering opportunities suited to you.

Make Use of Professional Training

Foster agencies will provide ongoing support and training for the skills you need to be a successful foster parent, so it’s important to take advantage of that and improve the skills needed to be a successful parent.

This can include:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Patience

  • Compassion

  • How to speak to children

Ensure You’re in Your Best Shape

There is no cut-off age at which you’re permitted to foster, as many foster parents can be in retirement age when they’ve given up work or their own children have flown the nest. What matters is your physical ability to care for and keep up with a child.

During the application process, social workers will need to assess your health and lifestyle as a whole, so it will make it more likely that you will be accepted if you can show you are fit, active, and able to keep up with what could be a demanding foster placement. Children need a stable home, so if you have any major health concerns or difficulties, it may not be the best time to look into fostering.

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