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4 Reasons Chartering a Private Jet Could be the Answer to Your Travel Problem

Now jumping on a plane and going anywhere in the world is back on the table, you’re no doubt eager to get away either as a vacation, or to get business relations back on track. Worldwide lockdowns have done a lot of damage to our well being and our businesses, and it is time to put this right.

On paper, this is very easy to do as you just book your airline ticket and get your passport ready. Sadly, the last two years have really damaged the travel industry as a whole. According to Reuters, over 2500 flights were cancelled over Memorial weekend alone.

With all this chaos, is chartering a private plane the answer? Let’s look at advantages of this mode of travel.

Easy to Book

Like a commercial airline, booking your own flight is simple. Many companies use phone apps so you can do it on a whim or on the go. Here at Jetapp, you can customize your trip accordingly. More of a business vibe when you’re away to bring home the bacon, and more of a party vibe if you’re going on vacation. Ease of booking is crucial when you want to charter a flight, and direct contact is important too. Good plane charter businesses will off an easy to use app making their teams contactable.

Beats Delays and Waiting Times

There are a lot of delays and waiting around on commercial flights. You check-in, you check in your luggage and then you wait to board the plane. That’s providing it is taking off on time in the first place.

Since travel has been back flights have even been canceled when the passengers were on it at least according to the BBC.

With a chartered flight delays and waiting times are minimized. Many of the checks that are needed are done while you are en route to the flight. Often it is a case of driving to the airstrip and boarding your plane. Luggage is moved onto the plane and it all feels like everything has happened by magic.

When you get to your destination, customs checks are cleared in the air as much as possible if necessary, and you just get off the plane and go about your day.

Travel in Comfort

Even if you go first or business class with more space, better catering, and better steward service, it simply doesn’t compare to what’s available on a private jet. You can commission a whole catering team to prepare meals. You decide what you want to drink, and it will feel like a hotel room in the sky. When you land, you’ll feel refreshed rather than jaded and this is quite wonderful.

Better Choice of Airports

Depending on where you’re going you may find a closer airstrip to your destination than a commercial airport. This opens up a new world and makes flying more efficient and you’ll find you have more time to do what you want or need to do on your trip.

If you can, fly private.

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