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How to become a blogger on YouTube

In 2022, many people want to start their own YouTube business because everyone knows that this is a profitable business. Today we will tell you how you can become a successful blogger and what are the ways of promotion besides the eternal way to buy Youtube subscribers.

Title and cover

A video can be incredibly cool, but if people aren’t attracted to the cover, they won’t even click. Quality cover is 50% of success.

Clear and bright initial message

The picture and headline are just a hook that you use to catch the viewer. But if at the beginning of the video you say a lot of nonsense phrases and do not get to the point, you will lose the viewer. The first seconds of the video are the most important because you need to convince the audience that they are in the right place.

Ask yourself: what will be useful for the viewer?

People come to this platform for the benefit (to laugh and have a good time is also a benefit). If people like the video, and you close their need for emotions and benefits, they will stay with you. This way you will be able to increase your audience without having to regularly buy real Youtube subscribers.

Give emotions

Always keep in mind that the viewer comes for emotion. Think about what feelings the video should evoke: excitement, admiration, joy, surprise or indignation? Maybe you want people to smile?

How to choose a topic for a channel

The first rule: know the topic thoroughly! Then it will be easy to shoot a video 1-2 times a week, and you will not abandon your blog.

Be sure to select a specific topic at the initial stage and do not deviate from it. If a viewer likes your video about books, but they go to the channel, and there will be stories about food, sports and your weekend, the viewer will not subscribe to you. You can change the topic, but smoothly and adjacent to the previous one.

Write down topics of interest on a piece of paper. On your list, analyze the bloggers who have already opened up in each niche. If the competition is too high, try to go a little sideways from this topic and choose a related one. And if there are no competitors at all, do not rush to rejoice. Most likely, this topic is simply not interesting to the audience.

The second task that a blogger faces is to beautifully shoot and design a video. Don’t worry if you don’t get the perfect picture right away. The more you shoot, the easier it will be to find angles, choose the right lighting, edit and insert music and effects.

Several ways to promote your blog:

  • mutual PR with a blogger with approximately the same number of subscribers;

  • manual increase in the audience with the help of special services;

  • buying ads from other channels;

  • joint video shooting with influencers.

Becoming a blogger is much easier today than it was a few years ago. The main thing is to be sincere, real and love your blog and each subscriber. And even if it seems to you that nothing is working, do not give up! Believe in yourself and everything will work out.

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