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How to Care for Hunting Boots

If you have found yourself tossing your hunting boots under the staircase, you might want to revisit that and make a change. Hunting boots can be an expensive investment and require just as much care as your hunting gun.

But, you need to understand the practices that contribute to the longevity of your hunting boots. Below is a brief guide on caring for your hunting boots and getting more use from them.

Clean Your Boots

It is easy to tuck your boots away after a hunting trip, and most times, you are probably too tired to clean them. But, leaving them soaked up in the mud and dirt cuts their longevity, requiring you to replace them before it is time.

When you get home from hunting, clean off the mud and debris from the leather uppers and soles. Use saddle soap or a mild detergent to wash the dirt away. You can use a toothbrush to reach the crevices to remove all the dirt.

Use a soft, damp washcloth to clean the interior of the boots. If your hunting boots come with foot inserts, you can remove them and wash them separately; they are too dirty to wipe down.

Leave your boots out in the open to air dry before storing them away. If you hunt frequently and need your boots ready for the next day’s hunt, you might want to invest in an additional pair.

Storing Your Boots

A rule of thumb is to ensure your shoes are entirely dry before tucking them away in storage. You want to prevent mold and mildew growth, which result from moisture build-up.

You might need to condition your boots, especially if they come in leather material. There are conditioners designed to lubricate and preserve the leather keeping your boots in great shape during storage.

If you hunt a few times a year or do not need to use your boots regularly, pull them out of storage once a month and recondition them. Use mink oil or leather polishers to prevent them from drying out, keeping the leather in the best condition throughout.

Most hunters toss their boots in the garage, as it is the most convenient storage option for items they rarely use. While a garage is an excellent option if you have limited storage space, your boots may end up being breeding grounds for mice off-season.

Routine Maintenance

You need to care for your hunting boots as regularly as possible, just like you do for your firearms and other hunting gear. Your boots may not be of considerable value compared to your guns, but if you have to get a new pair every few wears, then the costs can add up significantly.

Check the condition of your boots as often as you to the guns and other items. You could create a routine of assessing their condition once a month, a few weeks before the hunting season, or a few weeks after, to ensure all your gear is in the best condition throughout.

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