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Top Tips on Applying for Irish Citizenship

Even if you weren’t born in Ireland, you can become an Irish citizen since everyone has a chance to apply for Irish citizenship. Moreover, it is important to note that many people have forfeited their likelihood of becoming Irish citizens because they failed to use helpful tips while applying for citizenship.

Thankfully, we don’t want anyone to forfeit the chance to become an Ireland citizen. Hence, we will mention the top tips that will help you become an Irish citizen.

1.   Prove That You Are Entitled to Citizenship

You are entitled to Irish citizenship if your grandparents are Irish citizens or have lived legally in Ireland for a minimum of 5 years in the past nine years. You are also entitled to Irish citizenship if you have been married to an Irish citizen for more than three years.

If you are applying for Irish citizenship because your grandparents are Irish citizens, then you must submit documentary proof of their Irish descent together with your application.

If you want to become an Irish citizen after spending at least five years in Ireland, you must submit proof of residence while applying for citizenship.

In a situation where you intend to become an Irish citizen based on marriage to an Irish citizen, you must submit your marriage/civil partnership certificate while applying for Irish citizenship.

Kindly note that your records must also prove that you’re worthy of being a citizen of Ireland. You should apply for Irish citizenship only if there are no criminal charges or ongoing investigations against you.

2.   Apply Appropriately for Irish Citizenship

You must ensure you apply appropriately if you want your application to be accepted. Your application must be in line with your proof of eligibility for citizenship. Some questions on the application form may not apply to you, depending on your situation. Whenever you come across such questions, write “N/A” instead of leaving them blank.

Avoid making mistakes while filling the form given to you. In case you make mistakes, you shouldn’t use Tipp-ex to correct them. Instead, you should cross out the mistake with a pen and write your initials to correct any error.

Ensure you attach all necessary supporting documents to your application form before you submit it. The supporting documents that you must include depend on your situation. For instance, an applicant who is 18 years or older must present the original copy of their passport. If you don’t have a passport already, you should fill out the passport application Ireland form to obtain a passport.

Suppose you fail to attach any necessary document. In that case, you may still be allowed to submit it 28 days after submitting the form. Your application will be rejected or deemed ineligible if you don’t submit all necessary documents at the appropriate time. Here are some of the documents you must possess as an adult applicant:

  •         Your original birth certificate
  •         Two-colour passport photographs you took within 30 days of the application date
  •         Three different proofs of residence, showing your address, full name, and date of issue.

Meanwhile, you must be aware that all other supporting documents will be listed on your application form. We strongly recommend that you use suitable envelopes when you’re submitting your documents and application to ensure safe delivery.

3.   Let a Reputable Individual Witness Your Declaration

You must make a statutory declaration as soon as you complete your application form. The declaration serves as an affirmation of all the entries in the document you are about to submit.

The authority of the individual witnessing your declaration matters a lot. Your application will be rejected if your witness isn’t authorized to witness declarations. To avoid such from happening, you must ensure your witness is one of the following:

  •         A commissioner for oaths
  •         A solicitor
  •         A peace commissioner
  •         A notary public

Your witness needs to sign and write the date at the back of the two passport photographs you’re submitting together with your application.

In a situation where you are applying for Irish citizenship based on marriage to an Irish citizen, your spouse or civil partner also needs to make a declaration.

Final Words

The Irish government gives foreign individuals the privilege to become Irish citizens. However, those foreign individuals must prove that they are worthy of the privilege and follow protocols while applying for Irish citizenship. We strongly believe that your application for Irish citizenship will be accepted if you use all the tips mentioned in this post. Good luck!


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