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How to ensure that online tutoring will work for your child?

Online tutoring has been quite the norm ever since the Covid-19 outbreak pretty much forced half the world into lockdown. Now, after two years, as the schools and other organizations are finally starting to open up, students are given the choice to choose between on-campus learning and online coaching. Many people still believe that online tutoring is the best way for kids to continue their academic journey without risking exposure to the pandemic.

Tips to make online tutoring work for your child

Many parents still prefer one-to-one interaction with teachers because they believe that their child would learn better in a physical environment than in the virtual one. Moreover, virtual learning also does not seem to work well for all students. The reason behind this depends on various factors including, but not limited to the quality and efficiency of the tutoring platform and the device being used for online tuition as well as the speed and stability of the internet connection. However, there are certain steps you could take to be sure your child gets the most out of online tutoring. Speaking of which, here are a few tips you could use to make online learning work for your kid.

  1. Talk to your child

Before you go looking for an online tutor, you must first have an open, honest, and detailed conversation with your child about their academic struggles. Ask them about the subjects they find the most challenging and difficult to comprehend. Once you are fully aware of your child’s academic struggles and goals, you can move on to looking for a tutor.

  1. Find the right tutor:

The most important part of online tutoring is choosing the right person for the job. As you go looking for the right tutor for your child, you must make sure that the person you hire has the right credentials, a good reputation, and sufficient teaching experience to help your child achieve their academic milestones and overcome their learning struggles. One way to make sure your child’s concepts are clear will be to hire a tutor who has specialized in the relevant subject. Especially if your child is in need of A Level Economics Tuition, you might want to consider hiring an economics major for the job.

  1. Create a healthy learning environment:

Once you have chosen the right tutor for your kid, the next step is to create an effective learning environment for them. This includes arranging for a stable internet connection and an up-to-date computer/ laptop along with all the accessories required for a seamless online tutoring session.

In addition to that, you must also set a separate space in the quietest corner of your home so that your child can attend their online tutoring lessons in peace. A separate learning space will also prevent your child from distractions during the lesson and allow them to pay attention to the lessons being taught.

  1. Assess the learning goals:

Communication is the key to the success of any relationship. Hence, you must have a detailed conversation with the tutor about your childs learning goals and struggles. This will help the tutor assess your childs learning needs and formulate a tutoring program meant to cater to those needs.  Using a facility like Tutor Hunt may also bring dividends in this area.

  1. Give them space:

Many parents tend to hover over their kids during their tutoring sessions just to make sure their child is learning well from the tutor. However, it is not the right approach. You need to give your child enough space for interacting with the tutor without having to worry about you keeping an eye on their every move. This will allow you to create a healthy learning environment instead of making things awkward between your kid and the tutor.

  1. Be aware of your childs progress:

Hiring a tutor and creating an efficient learning environment is not enough to make sure your child benefits from online tutoring. The last but not the least of these steps is to keep yourself updated on your child’s academic progress. You can do this by having weekly discussions with the tutor about your child’s progress and any problems they may be facing during the lessons.

Final Verdict

Just as everything comes with its own unique sets of pros and cons, online tutoring is no different. And not many students can benefit from online learning. However, with the tips we’ve shared, you could make sure that your child does benefit from online learning.

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