Artist Feature: Jazz Robertson

You may have heard us playing Hurricane by Jazz Robertson on Rising Stars recently – and we caught up with Jazz to find out a little bit more about herself and her music.

Tell us a little bit about your yourself?

My name’s Jazz Robertson and I’m an independent singer/songwriter out of Denver, Colorado! I studied at Berklee College of Music for a short time and have been somewhat of a closet songwriter until recent years. I write and produce my demos at home before taking them into a professional studio. My songs are all very personal to me, so I love having so much control over them before other producers are brought in.

When did you first start to develop a passion for music?

I’ve always loved music. My parents say I was trying to sing before I could even talk! Some of my earliest memories are sitting with my Dad looking at vinyl records and listening to classic rock. It carried with me as I got older, and I eventually picked up the violin in school for 6 years or so. I didn’t start writing songs until I was 18 or 19, but I had a great ear for melodies and loved to sing.

Which artists did you listen to while growing up?

My foundation was really in classic rock. A lot of Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Queen and so on.. I eventually got heavily into the 2000s alternative and emo/pop punk scene as well. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park were some of my absolute favorites- I was at every concert I could get to! My love for pop didn’t solidify until the late 2000s when artists like Katy Perry and Ke$ha hit the scene. I used to say my life goal was to party with Ke$ha- absolutely loved that era of pop!

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

I pull elements from various shades of pop when I write. I love a good beat with an aggressive guitar, lead piano lines, and I absolutely love strings. I’m a firm believer, though, that every song wants to be something unique. It’s my job to figure out what it wants to be, then translate that to a final production. So my songs can seem quite different from one another, but they consistently pull from elements of alternative, pop rock, and orchestral pop.

What music have you recorded and released to date?

I’ve just recently released my second single, ‘Hurricane.’ It is the follow-up to my debut single ‘Collide,’ which came out July 2021. I’ve dabbled in some demo work in the past, but this is the first original music I’ve put out.

Which artists do you enjoy listening to at the moment – and do they influence your work?

I listen to a lot of solo female pop artists these days. I love Dua Lipa’s attitude, Selena Gomez’ heart.. I’ve been particularly obsessed with Ariana Grande’s latest album ‘Positions.’ I admire her forward use of strings throughout the album and have definitely studied that when working on my own tracks. I’ve also been studying Olivia Rodrigo’s songwriting. I admire how conversational her lyrics are. They flow in really unique ways and it makes her songs very memorable.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

I am such a huge Ed Sheeran fan. I love his songwriting, I love his vibe. He is an incredibly skilled writer, and I would absolutely love the opportunity to work on a track with him.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working on new tracks for 2022. I have a handful of songs in various stages of production that I am SO excited about!! Spring and Summer next year is going to be a really fun time!

Where can we find out more about you?

My official website is at and you can also find me on Instagram and Facebook too.

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