Artist Feature: Still Striving

We’ve been playing out Fire by Still Striving on our Rising Stars show recently – and we caught up with Still Striving to find out a little bit more about themselves and their music.

Tell us a little bit about your yourself?

I first started making music in early 2019, working as a Policeman in Austria at the time. On New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 I decided to quit my job as a policeman, and focus more on my artistic and spiritual side, which at the time has already become a burning passion that couldn’t be contained any longer. Nowadays I see it as my purpose and mission in life to channel and express the beauty and perfection of nature as an contribution to an awakening humanity.

When did you first start to develop a passion for music?

Since I was a little child I found music as a medium of communication fascinating and awe-inspiring. What stood out to me most was the sheer honesty and raw emotionality I could feel in many of the songs my mother played me. Something I often found to be lacking in other forms of communication around me. Music is simply the language of emotions.

Which artists did you listen to while growing up?

In my teenage years, my passion for music really spiked as I discovered emo music. My mother died when I was 12 years old and I felt strongly drawn to this kind of music. In the emo genre, many musicians were able to express emotions that were often socially unaccepted, like sadness, frustration, hopelessness and anger. The band that got me hooked was Senses Fail, which I discovered while playing Guitar Hero. Their Song “Can’t Be Saved” spoke directly to my heart and opened me up to dimensions I forgot existed. Some other bands I really digged were early 30 Seconds To Mars, Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

My music is hard to put into a box. I don’t stick to a particular genre and write music how it feels in the moment in the way I see fit. I’d say that I have a pretty diverse taste and experimental approach to music, letting things flow together with child-like curiosity and seeing what comes out in the end. I pay a lot of attention to the lyrics and always try to impart a nugget of wisdom I have gained through my experiences.

What music have you recorded and released to date?

Up to date I have recorded, produced, mixed and mastered 18 tracks, including 1 EP. Available everywhere (:

Which artists do you enjoy listening to at the moment – and do they influence your work?

Nowadays I listen to so many different artists and genres on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up with. Thanks to the Spotify and YouTube algorithms, haha. My favourite musician the last couple of months has been WMD. He’s such a genius. Very intricate sound design and incredible depth to his music. Of course everything I listen to influences my work, there’s always more to discover and learn from other musicians.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

That would have to be Ben Howard!!! Or Bon Iver, tough choice.

What are your plans for the future?

Open myself up more and more to the flow of life, letting creativity flow and see where it takes me. I’m not a fan of all the hustling and trying to be big. In my opinion that’s not where happiness is found. It’s found in taking the time to build a pristine relationship with yourself and your emotions. Which music is great for! I’d love to make a living from making music though, we’ll see 😉 Thanks so much guys, love you, have a great day!

Where can we find out more about you?

You can find me on all streaming services such as Spotify and I am also on Instagram too.

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