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Well,last week was my first week off work this year and surprisingly it was relaxed, though I didn’t do the jobs about the house that were needed, nor anyone else. I think I spent too much money and brought things I don’t think I really needed, so I think my next week off needs to be a bit of a planned week. Talking of plans, I do wonder sometimes how artists plan their releases and gigs sometimes, as I’m sure there is a Soft Cell demo or bootleg doing the rounds and not a real release single- Or maybe is a gorilla planning for their next tour. Also, gig-wise, I noted the Heaven 17 two-night specials on two classic Human League albums way too late to get any tickets, so I will sulk now.
Chatty bitwise, This is not the first time I have missed out on one-off classic gigs, and so I wondered what interesting gigs did you miss out on and why?

Still, no point crying over missed gigs when you have great new tracks to enjoy, as we heard this week, Volker Milch – Color Theory – Zoodrake – Shiny Darkness – Gulvoss – Debby Grupp – Retrograth, plus a few classics artists, remixes and current favorites.

1. Tiny Magnetic Pets – Automation
2. De/Vision – Love Will Find A Way
3. The Human League – Dreams of Leaving (Reactivated 2014)
4. Mind Machine – Do You Hear Me Anymore
5. A Million Machines – Come Tonight
6. Volker Milch – Pretentious Punk
7. Alien Synth – Running
8. Soft Cell – Where the Heart Is
9. Scenius – Darkest Lines
10. Color Theory – The Next Thing
11. Young Empress – Eyes Closed
12. Maxx Silver – Visionary
13. Covered in Snow – Raincheck
14. Zoodrake – Success of the snake
15. Bliss My Heart feat Eric Jayk – Reason To Dust
16. Paul Manchin – Gratification
17. Shiny Darkness – Attractive
# HOMETIME- it beats living alone
18. Amongst The Pigeons – Bring The Stars Closer (Odd Wall Remix)
19. Brian Sangmeister & Star Madman – Eyes on the Horizon
20. Gulvoss – Breathe
# Handsome Dancer – coincidance
21. Depeche Mode – Soft Touch Raw Nerve
22. Shmoo – An Animal
23. Debby Grupp – The Anatomy of Joy
24. Mike Haunted & Chris KD – Neverending Sunrise
25. EmT – This Was Your Life
26. Retrograth – BLACK LIQUID
27. Thought Beings – Radio
28. Duran Duran – MORE JOY! (feat. CHAI)

Broadcast on Sep 7th, 2021 – Catch the live show every Tuesday from 8pm and join the chat here:Synth City with Rob Harvey

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