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How To Prepare For College: A Short List Of College Requirements

Are you a high schooler looking to prepare for college? Then, don’t you worry! We’ve got you. Prepping for college does not have to be as hard as you think it is. The best part? Most colleges will tell you exactly what they’re looking for! From taking the SATs or ACTs to taking part in the extracurricular activities and courses that will make your application stronger- we have curated a detailed list of college requirements that will prepare you for it.

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Show Interest in the College

If you have a college that you’re interested in then try your best to visit that school and attend all the prospective student seminars and meet and greet events. You should also get in touch with the admission officers and counselors to ask questions about the deadlines, requirements, or any additional information about the field you’re interested in. This will make them see how much you genuinely want to attend their institute and will leave a good impression on them. You can apply for an early decision to demonstrate that you’re committed to attending that specific college.

The Application

While it may seem obvious, filling out your college application is the most important part of starting your college preparation journey. You must start your application as soon as you can. This will allow you to determine the application requirements and how much time it will take. Starting early will allow you more time to thoroughly review your application to make sure you’re not missing anything. There are many ways you can make your application better. Here are a few:

●    Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are a really important aspect of your application. Many schools give a considerable amount of weightage to your SAT/ACT scores. Many schools have decided to take the standardized tests optional or have turned test blind. However, your SAT/ACT score may be considered in your financial aid or scholarship applications. You should start preparing for your tests through a prep book as soon as you can to make the most of your time. The better scores you get, the better chances you will have of getting into your dream school and getting a scholarship. If your test scores and school GPA are outstanding, then you may even get a full-ride scholarship to college! You should try to take your tests early. This way, you can always go for retakes if you don’t get your desired score without risking your chances of missing the deadline.

●    School Transcripts

Your school transcripts are extremely important for your college admissions. They not only reflect the grades you received in school but also the type of subjects you took there. Your college application decision committee will determine whether you will be able to take the workload of college or not based on the subjects you took in school. If you took AP subjects and scored well in them, then it will strengthen your application. If you do not have a high school degree and only have a GED then do not worry. As a GED holder, there is a long list of colleges that accept GED, you still have many options to continue your education. If your school does not offer any AP or college prep courses, then you can look for online courses. This will show your commitment to doing better. You should not worry if you didn’t perform as well as you would’ve liked to in the early years of school. If you improved in the subsequent years, the decision committee will look at it favorably as it will give them the idea that you can overcome your challenges and get out of your comfort zone.

●    Letters Of Recommendation

During your school career, you must try your best to build strong connections with your teachers and instructors. This will not only help you develop a healthy teacher-student relationship but also have a significant effect on your college application. A good letter of recommendation is given a lot of weightage by the decision committee. This proves to them that you can get along with your teachers, have a genuine interest in getting an education, and have many great qualities as a student overall. You should try and ask your teachers for a letter of recommendation early as they may get a lot of requests from other students. The last thing you’d want is a bad or mediocre recommendation letter. Make sure to ask for a recommendation letter from a teacher that knows you and likes you.

●    Your Statement

Your statement is a chance for you to show the admission committee why you’re a good fit for the college. This gives you a chance to put your personality on paper and show the committee your true self, besides your grades and test scores. It allows you to demonstrate your interest in your upcoming subjects and why their college is the perfect place for you to learn and become a leader in the chosen field. A great personal statement can turn the decision committee on your side and a bad one can do the exact opposite. This is another reason for you to start your application early so that you can write a stunning personal statement that you can proofread and maybe ask a mentor or guidance counselor for their advice on your statement. Make sure to write your statement and not copy it from someone else or have someone else write it. This will seriously hinder your chances of getting into college and you might even face strict penalties for this action.

Prepare Yourself

Preparing for college can be an exciting journey for you. Ideally, you must be physically, mentally, and even emotionally prepared as you will be spending the next 4 years of your life in the institution you are choosing. Although you are preparing a lot of requirements, it does not have to be hectic or stressful. Still try to take time for yourself so you’ll be able to decide and not regret anything in the end.

The guide above provides some of the common steps that a soon-to-be college student has to prepare. You should try your best to start your college preparation journey early to complete your application just in time. This will help you apply for the early decisions which can leave a good impression on the college decision committee. Moreover, make sure you complete your application way before the deadlines as there is nothing worse than spending so much time on the application but ending up realizing that you’ve missed your deadlines!

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