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As we try to skate along with our lives, within the ever-moving world situation and the fluctuating restriction of the pandemic, I have got into a really bad of not watching regular television. I don’t watch the standard UK set of TV channels hardly and this means missing the News programs and big events like the much publicised Olympics; the latter being no real loss to me. Now, I’m not blissfully ignorant to the world at large, as I do listen to all the news and current affairs via the old radio and catch the odd Youtube news feeds, but yeah, now I feel strangely mixed between sometimes feeling lost and sometimes a sense of freedom.
So Chatty bit wise, I wonder if you do the same and have felt out if the standard TV programming schedules can watch a mix of streaming and youtube, like a bit of a trendy millennial?

Saying all that, I can be up to date with new music, as this week we heard new tracks from Covered In Snow – H-OM – Hometime – LorD and Master – Mike Haunted featuring Chris KD – Armand The Chemist – Jeff Mc Call, plus two brand new remixes, from Vogon Poetry and Darwinmcd & Mark Bebb, along with a few classics tracks.

1. The Frixion – What is Love
2. BOO – Tin Can Telephone
3. Vogon Poetry – Atomic Skies (SCALA Remix)
4. Darwinmcd Mark Bebb – Mirroring (Daybreakers Reflection Remix)
5. Automaton – The Calling
6. Covered in Snow – Raincheck
7. Shadows and Mirrors – Judas (Radio edit)
8. Public Image Limited – Don’t Ask Me
9. Mind Machine – Do You Hear Me Anymore
11. Noprism – Animosity
12. Shmoo – Amnesia
13. Into The Blood – Need Stuff (radio edit)
14. Hometime – It Beats Living Alone
15. Depeche Mode – The Love Thieves
16. EmT – This Was Your Life
17. LorD amd Master – Modus operandi (single mix)
18. Promenade Cinema – Spotlight
19. KNIGHT$ – Boom Bang Boom (Mirko Hirsch Radio Edit)
20. Mike Haunted & Chris KD – Neverending Sunrise
21. Pocket Knife Army – The Leash
22. Sin Cos Tan – Always
23. Armand the chemist – Roboctopus
24. Diamond Field – In This Moment
25. Duran Duran – MORE JOY! (feat. CHAI)
26. Jeff McCall – I See You
27. Machinista – Picture Frame Eternity
28. Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Alien on the Underground

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