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Hey, July is not so bad (ah, Shut up your face), now we can look forward to the next new chapter of this weird world we are in right now, from July nnn nineteen. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we can happily moan and groan about the price of the beer, the queues, the dodgy toilets, and the slow service we often feel we get at some gig venues. Ah, but forget that, I can’t wait for live music gigs’ full stop, regardless of how it may have been.
Chatty bit wise, I asked if you foresee any things that might put you off or affect your returning to live gigs [Concerts] and why?

Hopefully, you didn’t miss the brand new tracks this week from Future Self Featuring Jamie Jamal – KNIGHT$ – Miss FD – Vogon Poetry – Charlotte Someone & Lokka Vox – Andy Hagerty – Voltron 2, plus remixes and the odd classic artist.

1. Fotonovela – Justice (feat. Sarah Blackwood)
2. Goldfrapp – Ocean (Feat. Dave Gahan)
3. Anton Witter – Secret (Rich M Rich Sitges Mix)
4. Volker Milch – Why don’t you understand
5. SCALA – Exist
6. Future Self (Feat. Jamie Jamal) – The One (Radio Edit)
7. Amongst the pigeons – Bring the stars closer feat. Emma King
8. Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture
9. Full Frontal Disco – Beautiful Crisis (Radio Edit)
10. KNIGHT$ – Boom Bang Boom (Mirko Hirsch Radio Edit)
11. Agents Of Rhythm – Somebody
12. The Stir Fry Pop Star – Godhead
13. Nostalgia Deathstar – Charged Attachment (Album Version)
14. Miss FD – Adore
15. Decisive Koala & Star Madman – Future Roads
16. Erasure – Nerves of Steel
17. Vogon Poetry – Atomic Skies (Single)
18. The Grey Disorder – A world that doesn’t care
19. Jigsaw Sequence – Day One (Radio Edit)
20. Charlotte Someone & Lokka Vox – Crucified The Ghost Of Love
21. Depeche Mode – The Sweetest Condition
22. 243 Ida – Woods
23. Andy Hagerty – Cadalach
25. Channel 69 – Goodbye Horses
26. Voltron 2 – Wish I Was There
27. H2SO4 – Machines Love (radio edit)
28. Train To Spain – Bad Boy

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