A Guide For Decorating Your Home In The Spirit Of Catholicism

There are, of course, many active religions in this world. Gods are cherished and celebrated in religious buildings all over the world while people gather to share their love for God and each other. These traditions have stood for thousands of years and bring so many of us joy, happiness, and security in our lives.

Catholicism has been part of our lives for over 2,000 years since Jesus Christ began his teachings. It has over 1.3 billion worldwide followers, making it the largest Christian church in the entire world. Since there are so many Catholics in the world, there are so many options for bringing your religion home to celebrate your faith.

In this article, you will find a guide for decorating your home with Catholic items, helping you show your faith at home as well as at your church or in your daily lives. If you have a passion for Catholicism and want to show it, read on for all the top tips.

The Spirit of Catholicism

Catholics believe in the scriptures of the Bible, which have been handed down from generation to generation since Jesus’ teachings. The main principles of the Catholic church involve spiritual devotion to God, prayer, respect for the church and the family, and belief in the common good. These beliefs are shared and often shown at regular Sunday mass, but can also be brought into the home through prayer, conversation, and even decoration.

Bringing Religion into the Home

Most people pray, sing, and listen to God’s teachings while at church. However, personal prayer is also very important in the Catholic faith, as it is seen as a time to personally communicate with God. This is often done at home, along with celebrating the blessings of God when receiving food or enjoying time with one’s family. It is no surprise, then, that many Catholics see the benefit of bringing religious items and decoration into their homes, as a means of solidifying, sharing, and expressing their views.


One of the nicest ways to bring Catholic imagery into the home is with traditional religious paintings. Think about the beautiful imagery in your local church and how that helps ignite your passion and love for your faith. A great religious art shop will likely have many traditionally painted scenes to help mimic this wonderful scenery within your home. Whether you choose to show them throughout your house or in a specific area, such as a family room, they will help share, show, and solidify your faith at all times. Paintings are classic and lovely decorations, whether religious or not, so these timeless pieces will look great in any home.

The Bible

Now, you may not view the bible as an ornamental piece. Of course, it holds far more meaning than just a book on a shelf. But, as it is so important, you probably have a copy or two anyway. Having a bible on display in a central part of your home could be viewed as nicer than letting it sit idly upon a shelf. Leave the pages open, showing you are open to receiving the word of God at all times and allowing your friends or family to have a short read as they pass by.

Quotes and Scripts

If you don’t want to display your bible, you could take the often-followed route of sharing some of your favorite scriptures around the home. Again, paintings can be useful here but there are alternatives, too. Framed posters sharing bible verse, hand-painted wall scriptures, or even soft furnishings with scriptures embroidered. This is the perfect way to share some of your most loved and cherished passages of the Bible with everyone who enters your home. Who knows, you might even strike up some friendly conversation surrounding them.

Figures and Statues

There are plenty of people in the Bible worth celebrating. St. Peter, Mary, and Jesus to name a few. What better way to share your love for them than with ornate statues around your home. Some of these statues even depict full scenes, much like the aforementioned paintings. Some are small, some much larger, making them suitable for plenty of spots in the home and even the garden. Again, a great way to share your favorite people or stories from the bible.

The Crucifix

The crucifix is incredibly meaningful in the Catholic faith and the story of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ sacrifice and love for all men and women on this planet is the basis of so many principles in Catholicism. So, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be displaying a crucifix at home. It will serve as a reminder of Jesus’ love for you and your family while reminding you to make time for prayer and your faith in general. Crucifixes, again, come in all sizes, meaning you can display small ones in most rooms if you’d like to. The more reminder of his love for all, the better!

Small Pieces

There are plenty of other smaller items you could consider to add a little final flourish to your religious home. For example, many scenes and scriptures are added to fridge magnets, coasters, or bookends. There are also some lovely miniature shrines, candles, and even tea towels that will all add that final dash of religious wonder to your home.

How you Live Matters

No matter how much you choose to display your faith at home, there is one thing that can make all the difference; you. The way you live, love, and practice your faith will show people your devotion more than any decoration could. Love God, love your family and your community, and you will always feel the welcome embrace of love and faith through your religion. Decorations can help for sure, but don’t let them replace any of your own work.

You can see that there are so many ways to display your faith at home. From paintings and crucifixes down to tea towels and coasters! What you choose is entirely up to you – and it’s not about having the most! Just bring your faith into your home and continue your love and prayer. Your home will surely feel like a wonderful place.

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