8 Facts That You Might Not Know About Individual Retirement Accounts

An individual retirement account (IRA) is an account used to save and invest for a person’s retirement. These accounts come with tax advantages, which is why they are so attractive. They also give the holder the ability to invest in more or less any bond, mutual fund, or stock that they want to.

This article will outline 8 facts that you might not have known about individual retirement accounts:

Spousal and Non-Spousal Beneficiaries

One of the benefits enjoyed by holders of IRA accounts is the ability to transfer money to their beneficiaries without worrying about probate. When your non-spousal beneficiaries inherit your IRA, they cannot treat it as if it were their own. They will be unable to add money to the account and will have to liquidate it within five years. Your spouse, however, can claim the inherited IRA as their own. They will be able to contribute to it and withdraw from it.

Multiple IRAs

There are some instances in which you can hold more than one IRA account. One reason might be because you had a Roth IRA and put an old 401(k) into a traditional IRA. Another might be because you inherited an IRA but already had your own. You can also have multiple IRAs if your adjusted gross income rises to the point where you cannot contribute to your existing IRA, so you open another. You can contribute to multiple IRAs at once, though you are limited in terms of contributions to an annual maximum. The annual maximum for this year is $7,000 if you are 50 or older, and $6,000 if you are younger than 50.


If you hold a traditional IRA, you will be required to begin taking required minimum distributions by the start of April after you turn 72. The minimum amount distributed will be based on the balance of your account for the previous year, as well as your life expectancy. Your RMD must be withdrawn every year following this. If you have more than one IRA, you are not required to take RMDs from all of them. You are also allowed to combine your total RMD amount for every IRA and take it from one IRA.

Tax Deductible Losses

IRAs are popular because of the tax advantages that they offer. With an IRA account, you can defer taxes on gains and investment income. The IRS permits tax deductions on losses from your traditional IRA account, but only if you have withdrawn all funds from your traditional, SIMPLE, and SEP IRAs. You must also ensure that the total amount to be deducted is less than the amount distributed.

Easy to Set Up

IRAs are available to most people. They are very easy to set up. The only qualifier for setting up a traditional IRA is that you earn taxable income. There is no age limit when it comes to IRAs, though your ability to contribute can be reduced according to your tax status and your adjusted gross income. Usually, you can open an IRA directly through a bank or a brokerage firm in a few minutes. With your account set up, you can manage investments alone without having to worry about a financial advisor, though one will be made available to you should you want one.

Investment Options

IRAs provide a wide range of investment options. For example, investors with The Entrust Group are able to invest in a wide variety of alternative assets not available through traditional banks and brokers. Similarly, investors with other brokerage firms will have their own unique options. Unfortunately, the IRS does limit which investment types can be held. The IRS does permit some gold and silver coins. Some mutual fund companies likewise do not permit stocks to be held in IRAs. Even so, you have a wide range of investment opportunities at your disposal.


As has already been mentioned, anyone of any age, provided that they are taxed for their work, can contribute to a traditional IRA. Even minors can! This means that you can set your children up and have them invest in their future as soon as they get their first paid job. IRAs are a great option for children who earn money. Often, children have nothing to spend their money on, and it just sits around! Your children will be subject to penalties if they begin taking distributions early. However, they can use up to $10,000 of their funds for their first home without penalty. They can also use their funds for college. With Roth IRAs, senior citizens can contribute as long as they earn an income. If you are a senior citizen, then it is important that you know that these accounts are great in terms of inheritance. Following the 2019 SECURE Act, senior citizens can also contribute to traditional IRAs as long as they earn an income.

There Are Multiple Types of IRAs

There are several different types of IRA accounts. They are:

  • Traditional IRAs are the most popular tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts according to recent statistics. They are better for people in higher tax brackets now than they think that they will be during their retirement, as well as workers who are not entitled to a workplace pension;

  • Roth IRA is a nice, comfortable, tax-saving accounts, popular with people who need access to their money before retirement;

  • SEP IRA accounts grow tax-free. They are popular among small-business owners who wish to avoid the headache of a conventional retirement account. There are strict rules with these accounts;

  • Non-deductible IRAs are used mostly by people who cannot open Roth IRAs or deductible IRAs;

  • Spousal IRAs are accounts are used by low-income or non working individuals who are married to somebody with an earned income;

  • SIMPLE IRAs are similar to employee-sponsored 401(k)s. They exist solely for the self-employed and small companies;

  • Self-directed IRAs are similar to Roth IRAs and follow the same rules as them. Self-directed IRAs are unique in that they can hold assets like real estate, gold, and privately held companies.

IRAs are a great investment to make. They are quick to open, offer tax advantages, and can be very lucrative if you invest wisely. More and more people are opening IRA accounts. If you aren’t offered a workplace-sponsored pension, then you might want to consider opening one too.

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