7 DIY Gifts for Dads They Truly Deserve

There are no words that can completely describe the role of a father. “Thank you” falls short and “I love you” is rarely enough. What do you get for someone like that on their special day? A handmade gift stands for a lot more than the end product because of two things. First, the time and effort it takes to create such a thing from nothing. Second, how special it is as it’ll be theirs forever and no one else can take that away. That said, here are our top seven picks for DIY dad gifts.

  1. Pottery Piece

The best thing about pottery is that there are so many options to choose from. If your father is a smoker, you could make them a cool ashtray. If they like plants, a nice vase. If you’re not entirely sure, make them a bowl for keys and loose change. Of course, you can always go off-book and create whatever you want. As long as it’s from the heart, he’ll love it. Also guess what, you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to own any pottery equipment. Just find a studio, book a couple of sessions, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Custom Apron

Not all dads like cooking, but the ones who do truly love it. That’s why one of the best gifts you can get your dad is a custom-made cooking apron. All you need to do is buy a plain black/white apron, a set of fabric paint, and a paintbrush. Before you paint, make sure you wash the apron to remove any dirt or stains. After painting, let the paint dry before you heat-set it, so the colors don’t wash off. After heat-setting, serve the apron with a side of love and warmth.

  1. Coasters

All dads love their drinks. Whether it’s whiskey, coffee, beer, or soda, there’s always a beverage of choice for each father and all the family knows about their obsession with it. Why not celebrate this obsession by making them a special coaster? Find a wide enough tree branch, then cut out several ½ inch thick slices using a handsaw because a chainsaw is just too much. Once you have your slices, sand the faces until smooth, but not the bark. Use clear varnish to give the coasters a glossy finish and there you have it.

  1. Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are always a nice gift to receive, but better when it is handmade. If you’re intimidated by big projects, you might feel the urge to skip. Don’t worry this isn’t a big project at all. In fact, it’s only one of many stunning cricut leather projects that are not at all complicated. All you need is to follow the instructions on the page step by step and you’ll get the gasp-inducing outcome. They are guaranteed to love their gift.

  1. Note Jar

Material gifts are great, but sentimental gifts pack a different kind of punch. Picture this, a mason jar decorated from the outside with the mouth encircled by a twine ribbon. On the inside, dozens of notes: things you love about him, favorite memories, inside jokes, your hopes for them, and more. The best part about the gift is that you can either read it all at once, getting a large dose of love, or pick out one or two every day, getting small bursts of love more frequently.

  1. Painted Tumbler

If your father is a hot drink on-the-go type of guy, a great gift is to paint them a tumbler. Use sandpaper to scuff the tumbler to help the paint stick. Then, follow this example, putting the lid in a plastic bag to protect the insides. After that, you can use paint spray and cutouts to get the colors you want.

  1. Bookmark

For non-readers, a bookmark means nothing. For readers, it means everything. It’s a simple object that travels with them through every book they read. It’s a lifelong friend. All you’ll need is a piece of thick watercolor paper. On the paper, you can draw, write a quote, or even glue some printed pictures scrapbook-style. The limit is your imagination.

“Made with love” has become an overused statement that is now losing its meaning. Fortunately, through DIY gifts, one can reconnect with what it means to put love into a gift. Buying something with money is one thing, but making something from scratch is a whole different story. It’s not just a gift, but an experience. From the moment you set out shopping for supplies and until you put the final touches, you’re thinking about the one receiving your gift. You just can’t beat that.

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