A Guide To Building the Bed of Your Dreams

People spend a third of their lives sleeping, so it’s important to make sure that the bed you sleep in is comfortable and well designed. Far too many people have a bed that is the wrong size or isn’t very comfortable and this can seriously affect the amount of quality sleep you are able to get. There is so much to consider when it comes to designing a bed, from the frame itself to the type of mattress. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then don’t worry because we have you sorted!

In this guide, we will provide tips on how to build the bed of your dreams.

1. Determine the Size of your Bed Frame.

This is the first thing to decide when purchasing a bed frame, as you need to make sure your mattress will fit on top of it! Selecting the size of your bed frame will also determine how tall or short the legs should be on either side. Measurements for standard twin, full-size, queen-size and king-sized beds are typically 39″x75″, 54″x75″, 60″x80″ and 78” x 80″.

To help figure out which size best fits your needs, measure your current mattress height at its thickest point. Make sure the frame can accommodate this height and you will be good to go. A nice big bed frame will help to ensure you get enough hours of quality sleep. If you don’t know how many hours you need to sleep you can click this link to find out. This will vary from person to person but the right bed frame will certainly help. You will be amazed at the improvement the right bed can make to both the duration and restfulness of your sleep.

2. Pick a Frame to Match your Decor Style and Needs

There are a variety of frame options depending on your needs and the look you’re aiming for. Some frames are more suited to modern designs, while others will work best with traditional styles in mind. For different decorating tastes, there are also metal-framed beds that can range from highly ornate to sleek and minimalistic. Most frames come as part of an entire bed set so they’ll suit any room arrangement or space constraints.

Each style has its benefits – some people might be drawn towards iron because it looks really cool and vintage; other people like wooden frames because they give off a warm feeling which sets up the perfect bedroom at home after coming back from a hard day in the office.

3. Choose the Mattress that’s Right for You

There are various different mattress choices available including memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses. A memory foam mattress has excellent contouring and conforms to your body. It is an ideal choice for people who like the feeling of sinking into their bed while sleeping, but it may not be a good fit if you sleep with other people in the same room because they might notice every movement that you make. Spring mattresses are also great choices because they have greater pressure relief than foam mattresses and provide firmness levels on par with what most stomach sleepers prefer. The downside is that springs can develop squeaks or wire coils can break over time leading to a lack of support.

4. Find a Set of Sheets that will fit your Bed Perfectly

If you’re building your bed from scratch and just starting out with the bare necessities, you will of course need to buy some sheets. Why you don’t need to break the bank, you should also resist buying cheap thin ones that will affect the quality of your sleep. Invest in yourself and find one set of quality sheets to start off with (you can always add more). You want these sheets at least 200 thread count or higher as this ensures durability, longevity, and softness without feeling too heavy on top of your body when it comes time for sleep. You should always look to buy fitted sheets so there will be less work involved later trying to measure everything up properly.

5. Choose a Headboard to Match the Rest of your Bedroom Furniture

Decide if you want a solid color headboard, or something with details. Solid colors are always classic and easy to match. Some people prefer them because they’re not as busy looking. Other people prefer them because they can be easily changed, which is great if your taste changes often. Detailed headboards can be fun if your bedroom is decorated in a specific theme or style. For example, Victorian houses will usually have dark wood headboards with intricate carvings on the top part of it, while modern homes might choose more sleek materials like chrome steel for their bed frames. If you do want a headboard with details such as an elaborate design or carvings, it will have to match the rest of your furniture and may require more maintenance than a solid color.

6. Add some Pillows, Blankets, and Throws for Comfort

Every bed will need some pillows, blankets and throws for comfort. You can buy these separately or package them with the mattress purchase. When buying pillows, make sure to buy the appropriate size for your mattress. Buy bedding that is made of high-quality materials and fits with your color scheme and decorating preferences. Place a white down or synthetic comforter over top of all this before adding sheets. This will add warmth without making you too hot during the night. You can also simply have a sheet set on top instead if you don’t want any added weight from blankets or throws while sleeping but still need some warm layers in colder climates or rooms.

People spend one-third of their lives sleeping, yet they often don’t treat it like a priority. If you sleep well and rest comfortably in your bed, then you can feel more rested the next day. Start by building a comfortable bed with the right frame that fits your mattress size and adding an attractive headboard. Next, find soft sheets to guarantee comfort while resting on top of your beautiful new mattress! Follow this easy guide to building the bed of your dreams and you will be able to get some quality shuteye tonight!

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