A Brighter Home: 7 Home Improvement Projects to Carry Out This Summer

Summertime may be made for BBQs, beaches, and bare feet, but it is different for homeowners. This is the best time for tackling home improvement projects that one must have avoided all year long! With wind, rain, ice, and snow now out of the picture, you can finally assess, improve and make significant upgrades to your home.

Home improvement projects this summer may range from small repair projects to big remodeling plans. And all of these ideas will indeed require some out-of-pocket costs, but most of them guarantee to enhance your house’s overall value. Take a look at this list of home improvement projects you can carry out this summer season:

Improve Your Bedroom Space

Summer is when the whole family enjoys their time being together, without the kids going to school to weekend bondings. Nothing beats the time you spend with your loved ones in your bedroom, just snuggling up. But it won’t be worthwhile if your mattress already needs replacement or the wallpapers are all torn down.

With Newsweek’s review on the best beds on the market, you can browse on which mattresses are cool enough to use this summer season. Or you can visit your local home centers for fresh wallpaper to install on your walls.

Wipe Your Windows Clean

Summertime is the season for longer days and brighter sunlight. For your family to take advantage of this, it is best to clean your windows, both inside and outside. To efficiently clean those, you may either use a window cleaning product or a multipurpose cleaning spray. Clean cloth to wipe the glass clean and paper towels to dry is the best way to do the job.

Give Your Façade a Facelift

Painting your home exterior will always be a top project to recommend to every homeowner. Your house will definitely benefit from a facade facelift with a daub of crusty white paint or a fine power-wash. If you are an avid fan of color, you may also dip your toes into a soft baby blue hue for your front porch. You can either DIY or hire a professional to do the job.

Perform Maintenance on Your AC Unit

Summertime will always call for a highly functioning air condition unit. So even before temperatures hit their peak, you must seek a reliable HVAC professional to perform routine maintenance on your AC unit.

And, provided that your air condition unit will be running at all times this summer season, it might also be better if you replace your air filters at least once every month. You can easily find a pair at a hardware store or home depot.

Clean Your Pool

Besides maintaining your AC unit, cleaning your swimming pool is probably one of the most sought-after areas in your home during the summer months! Being the centerpiece of every home’s backyard, it needs to be adequately treated and cleaned now that summer season has come.

In terms of the latest trends on home improvement, maintaining your swimming pool should be at the top of your list. This will include water analysis, clearing debris, brushing and vacuuming, installing backwash filters, and monitoring and balancing water chemistry.

Though most homeowners prefer cleaning the pool by themselves, which will need weekly maintenance, you can also hire a professional cleaner to finish the job for you. Each option has different costs, so it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Keeping your swimming pool regularly cleaned can help reduce unexpected long-term costs.

Install a Wood Deck

Outdoor living spaces are what summertime is all about. That wouldn’t be the same without a deck installed outside. For most homeowners, installing a new wood deck not only increases their home value but is also most likely to pay for itself in the long run.

Some realtors have shown that homeowners who have installed an outdoor wooden deck have recouped nearly 75% of the project’s total cost after selling their homes. The addition of an outdoor wooden deck may cost you around $1,200 to $10,000, depending on the materials and design used.

Take Care Of Your Gutters

Summertime showers may also mean more spare gutters to have for your home. This will lead you to a wide range of water damage, including broken gutters! But you can avoid all of these; you only have to clean out your downspouts and gutters at the start of the summer.

You will need a sturdy ladder, a pair of gloves, and a bucket before scooping debris out from your gutters. After successfully removing the debris, you should spray your gutters down using a water hose to get rid of any bugs, dirt, or leaves left behind.


Improving your house for the arrival of the summer season can be pretty tiring and expensive. But after seeing the results, everything will be worth it on your part. Carry out the home improvement projects listed above and have your family enjoy your summer-friendly house.

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