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It’s a funny old part of the year [MAY] as we have this seemingly tiring tradition for a sci-fi wordplay joking gag in the early part of the month, and I think we are done. Right, so no more Star Wars jokes for May the, as we are past all that originality to repetition, as now the infamous joke set-up seems to be more about annoying diehards fans, with the use of any non-star wars characters to portrait the ‘May the Fourth be you’ gag – which could be worth mind trick or two.
With that in mind, in my Chatty bitwise I wondered what other annual joke or skit has lost its buzz, Maybe you have a new set of pop culture jokes- please share any.

Jedi mind if I say, These are the new tracks you are looking for, as we heard new from 5Timeszero – Blaklight – Scyia, featuring Stephen Newton and Niel Francis – Vague Notion & Grevus Anjl – The Red Hour – The Subtheory – Echo Image, as well as always, classic tracks and loads more.

1. Massive Ego – Digital Heroin
2. Voltron 2 – Cheap TV
3. LorD and Master – Rainy days (dEk101 mix)
4. Neilio – Tears of the Osprey
5. ECC – Save Me
6. 5TimesZero – Cool Down
7. Paul Quin- A Better Place
8. Roxy Music – Ladytron
9. Ladytron – Seventeen
10. BlakLight – Control(Broken Mix)
11. Darwinmcd Mark Bebb – Mirroring
12. Austen – Rush of Blood
13. Honey Beard – Black Skies
14. Scyia feat. Stephen Newton & Neil Francis – Heartbeat
16. Marva Von Theo – Love (radio edit)
17. Vague Notion Grevus Anjl – Axiomatic
18. Donovan Silver – Watching Ghosts
19. Depeche Mode – Comatose
20. The Red Hour – CRACKS (The Red Hour Edit)
21. Retrograth – Crooked Fingers
22. Flux – Divulge
23. The Subtheory – Fader
24. Rocket Report – She Said (Single Version)
25. Anton Witter – God Only Knows
26. Echo Image – Walk My Mind
27. VEiiLA – So It Goes
28. H2SO4 & Bombay Monkey – We Are Millions

Broadcast on May 11th, 2021.
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