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Well, I don’t know about you lot, but I really do enjoy the great outdoors, the varied scenery, the colours the natural energy feeling it all gives off. I’m a bit lucky, as I have three forest areas and similar type open spaces right near me, which often gives me all I need sometimes and it’s all free- bar a little physical effort on my part.
On my chatty bit wise, I wondered if you are much of a fan of the outdoors and if so, do you have a favourite place you love to go to escape.

Embracing more wondrous tunes this week, as we heard new releases from VEiila – Voltron 2 – Donovan Silver – Neilio – ECC – Jeff Appleton – Paul Quin, plus new remixes from Eric C Powell / Andrea Powell, and loads more besides.

1. Automatic Writing – Blue Unicorns
2. Birmingham Electric – How Do We End Up Here (Mark Reeder’s Crying Remix)
3. Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell – And I Know (Cyborgdrive Remix)
4. EvilMoon Project – Conviction
5. H2SO4 & Bombay Monkey – We Are Millions
6. VEiiLA – So It Goes
7. THE TILT – Holy Ground
8. Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour
9. Punx Soundcheck feat. Sara Baile – Robot Love (Radio Edit)
10. Voltron 2 – Cheap TV
11. Flux – Divulge
12. Disrupted Being – Innocence
13. Rocket Report – She Said (Single Version)
14. Donovan Silver – Watching Ghosts
15. – Poison Fruits
16. Howard Jones – Transform (feat. BT)
17. Neilio – Tears of the Osprey
18. Tenek – Smoke and Mirrors
19. Darwinmcd Mark Bebb – Mirroring (Single)
20. ECC – Save Me
21. Shiny Darkness – X-Ray
22. Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel
23. Jeff Appleton – S.E.Q. (Radio Mix)
24. Neon Radiation – Do You See Me
25. The Stir Fry Pop Star – Fear And Tears
26. Paul Quin- A Better Place (Single Edit)
27. Volker Milch – Human nature
28. SCALA – Alibi

Broadcast on May 4th, 2021.
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