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The Best Grammar Check Tools for Students of 2021

Being a writer requires keeping your content water-tight when it comes to various mistakes, typos, and style inconsistencies. But it’s easier said than done. When you create numerous texts daily little details like commas and prepositions can evade your attention. In order to eliminate any chance of looking like an illiterate fool online, writers use grammar check tools.

Best digital tools to perfect your grammar

There is a multitude of programs and applications which can run your text through their algorithms, noting every mistake you make. They are extremely useful when you need to double-check yourself and need to do it swiftly and efficiently.

Writers often struggle with checking their text for mistakes, but it’s very important to do it correctly, especially if your career depends on it. Because of it, scholars often delineate writing important assignments to professionals which can help with dissertation or paper and ensure there are no mistakes in it.

Here are some tools you can use to ensure your content’s on point:

This trusty service is regularly used by almost 7 million users. This versatile tool will help make texts understandable, check for spelling, punctuation, grammar mistakes. The functionality of the system becomes available after a simple registration via e-mail or social networks. Grammarly analyses your content, catching even the most subtle mistakes. You should install the browser plugin – it is a great way of ensuring the text you type in the browser is mistake-free. Grammarly provides its own document repository and online editor, which is very simple and easy to use. The downside is the lack of text formatting functions and statistics (which is only available only with a paid premium subscription).

Ginger is an excellent service for working with short texts. This software is made using algorithms developed by programmers and linguists, which means that offered corrections are not based on an analysis of individual words, but on the entire text. This allows this software to make more accurate corrections. There is a desktop version, an application for iOS and Android, as well as paid and free versions.

This online service is great for correcting mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, style. 20 thousand characters will be given free of charge for verification, which is very generous for a free version. There is an extension for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and popular browsers. Free and paid versions of this software are available.

This service helps to make the text easy to understand, clear, devoid of unnecessary verbal constructions. It highlights mistakes, sentences that are too long or difficult to read, complex constructions that can be simplified, long words that have short counterparts, sentences that may confuse readers, passive voice, which is not always appropriate in the context. It also offers options for replacement. In addition, the service will assess the readability of the text, rating it. There are Free and paid versions of Hemingway.

It is a grammar checking service that corrects not only spelling mistakes, but also everything related to word selection, punctuation, even style. This program contains a dictionary, translator, as well as thesaurus. It can check text for plagiarism.

WhiteSmoke is based on Natural Language Processing technology using unique algorithms and artificial intelligence for text analysis. Available as an app as well as a browser extension.

Ready to roll

High-quality content implies not only its usefulness and beautiful design – one of its significant aspects is literacy. If you are counting on your content becoming popular, you need to carefully check it for errors before posting. Hopefully, the tools we highlighted will give your texts the boost they need to captivate your readers even more.

BIO: Merissa Moore

Merissa is a confident writer and proofreader, well-equipped to create stellar content. Readers agree that her articles are informative, easy to digest, enjoyable to read. Merissa worked abroad for several years, tackling diverse writing assignments, building up experience. Her personal writing style makes even difficult topics appear more approachable. Merissa’s hobbies include hiking and cycling.