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Glorious weather at the moment, and yes I kind of don’t want to talk too much about it in case I spooky it or encourage possible bad luck; not that I am superstitious ‘thanks for asking’, then again we have all had rotten luck about us since March 2020, so I guess we should try to indulge and let things flow as they may. Not that we area expect miracles to occur and or everything to be totally sorted but it is really nice to see a hint of the old freedoms of life, and silliness.
With that said, in my Chatty bit wise, I asked, as we are now a week into the post lockdown situation in good old blighty: What good new thing has happened to you or that you have done, involved with.

Still, talking of good things, this week we had new tracks from Flux – Rocket Report – STARwave – Nature Of Wires featuring Lady Bnow – April 33 – The Distant Minds, Plus a new Vix20 remix and loads of top tracks and the odd merriment.

1. Depeche Mode – Soft Touch Raw Nerve
2. Disrupted Being – Innocence
3. Vix20 – Tron Takes The Train (Radio Edit)
4. BlakLight – Unknown Love
5. Punx Soundcheck feat. Sara Baile – Robot Love (Radio Edit)
6. Flux – Divulge
7. Church Of Trees – Powerful Love
8. Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away
9. Julian Smith – Less
10. Rocket Report – She Said (Single Version)
11. She Made Me Do It – Otherworldly (single edit)
12. Hot Pink Abuse – Mysterious Souls
13. Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
14. STARwave – Missing You
15. Left Engelmann AND Jessica J – Stardust after all (album version)
16. Birmingham Electric – How Do We End Up Here (Mark Reeder’s Crying Remix)
17. The Rude Awakening – It’s ok to not be ok
18. Anton Witter – God Only Knows
19. Maxx Silver – Passive Aggressive (A love song)
20. Nature of Wires ft Lady bNOW – It’s a Tragedy
21. White Lies – Hurt My Heart
22. Centre Excuse – Moon, Sky and Stars
23. April33 – Judy Alvarez
24. Star Madman – Wisdom (Radio Edit)
25. The Grey Disorder – ISOLATION
26. The Distant Minds – Eyes Don’t Lie
27. Arcade Skies – Friends From Enemies
28. The Ocean Beneath – Transcend (feat. Nath Jackson)

Broadcast on April 20th, 2021.

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