Stock Video – what is it?

Creating films and videos can cost an arm and a leg. From hiring people to purchasing equipment that ranges from lighting rigs to camera, you might spend so much time creating a short video.

However, a very effective yet inexpensive way to make a music video, commercial, news segment etc. is by using Stock Videos. With stock video, a creator has already invested the needed time, effort and money to create clips that you can apply to your project. Although it’s best not to use stock videos as an entire project, it can suffice for specific scenes in a visual project.

To properly use this time-saving option, it’s imperative to have some basic information about what it is, and how to use it. That’s why this article is written to serve as an introduction to stock video; this way, you can use stock footage in an apt manner.

What are stock videos?

Stock videos, also known as stock footages, are pre-filmed videos that you can purchase and use in visual contents. Filmmakers can obtain a license to use a stock video continuously, this will reduce the cost of producing subsequent visuals.

Some common types of stock videos are animal clips, nature videos, family videos, food videos, cityscape, aerial videos, transportation clips, sports clips etc.

When to Use Stock Videos

1. For the Impossible

If you’re shooting a movie on a low budget, chances are high that there’ll be some things you’ll like to include in the video, but it’s not within reach. Sometimes, you may have an unlimited budget but it’s just outrightly impossible to get the video based on certain constraints. In such instances, getting a stock video will be your most appealing alternative. For example, rather than hire Hi-tech gadgets to include the microscopic movement of protozoa in your video, it’s best to purchase a stock video license from a reputable platform if you lack the expertise for such.

2. To save time and cost

We’ve discussed on using stock videos for scenes that are out of your reach, however, some footages are within reach but too expensive or time-consuming. Thus, it’s in your best interest to purchase a stock video and apply it to the scene in question.

Assuming you’re shooting a documentary in a studio, and you’ll like to include footages of the city’s aerial view for context. There are numerous stock videos from reputable platforms that feature a high-value yet simple production that shows an aerial sweep of commonly recognized cities.

3. Increase its Production Value

A good way to rise to the top in your career is increasing the value of a project beyond the expectation of your client. To achieve this, you need a footage that’s not too burdensome for you, that can impress your client, and is not illegal; a Stock video may help achieve this aim.

4. Supplement B-Roll

B-roll is footage that is applied to compliment the main video. Let’s assume that you’re shooting a scene with two individuals discussing over drinks. While your characters are having a discussion, you can cut closeups of them holding the drink, you can supplement them with stock videos. An added advantage is that it offers the same continuity that B-rolls offer.

5. Use Elements and Backgrounds

If you’re a content creator that makes digital manipulations round footages, then stock videos can be that perfect tool to create a wonderful background display. You can cut and adjust different elements of the stock video to create your desired outcome, provided you’re not going against the stipulations of the license.

6. Use archive footage

Videos that were shot a long while ago may be required for specific scenes in a movie; in such instance, purchasing stock images can be the best and only option. Most stock video platforms have archive videos that are highly needed by content creators with a penchant for such scenes.

7. For an entire video

While this is not recommended and uncommon, the content creator can make an entire video from stock video. Assuming you want to make a video ad, you can simply place few words that depict your business around the stock video. Another example is using a generic stock video of people enjoying leisure, and combining it with a short travel promo.

In Summary

Stock Videos offer an easier way to include high-quality scenes to visual content and get top-notch movie reviews from critics at the best price possible. However stock videos require some expertise to appropriately combine them into your video, that’s why we’ve elucidated some ways to apply them.

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