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Well it’s into the brand new week and things are all opening and people are going out testing the water; some hiring a boat. With pubs and stores open up for business again, it is almost like a mad explosion of ‘oh’ what to do for lots of people and ‘oh’, can I ignore this change of situation, I liked the peace?. Like the recent coverage of respect paid to a national loss, “there ain’t no pleasing you”, as Chas and Dave once sang.
So, on this week’s Chattybit wise, I thought what if anything, was your plan, shops and pub?, Pub and shops? pub and pub? or let leave it for a bit and let the madness occur without you?

One thing I did have no trouble deciding on, the new tracks this week to play, which were from Birmingham Electric – Anton Witter – Disrupted Being – Julian Smith – Church Of Trees – Famished for Blonds – Punx Soundcheck, plus loads more to hopefully delight your ear bits along the way.

1. Mirrors – Ways to an End
2. Martyn Bailey – SUBJECT (Radio edit)
3. Fused – Body Moves (Exhibition Mix)
4. – Poison Fruits
5. Volker Milch – Human nature
6. Birmingham Electric – How Do We End Up Here (Mark Reeder’s Crying Remix)
7. Caboan feat Camilla Chanel – Smut ud af mit liv (Club Mix)
8. Thomas Dolby – One of Our Submarines
9. Graflex – Reflections
10. Anton Witter – God Only Knows
12. The Rude Awakening – It’s OK Not to Be OK
13. Modovar – Ritual
14. Disrupted Being – Innocence
15. Shiny Darkness – X-Ray
16. MORE – Legacy of K
17. Julian Smith – Less
18. Amongst The Pigeons – Colour Blind
19. Margaret Berger – Human Race
20. Church Of Trees – Powerful Love
21. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again
22. Inertia – New Format
23. Famished For Blonds – Many Atoms Never Left
24. LorD and Master – Rainy days (single mix)
25. Infra Violet – Radio
26. Punx Soundcheck feat. Sara Baile – Robot Love (Radio Edit)
27. Velvet Kills – Clog
28. The Livelong June – Middle-aged rebel

Broadcast on April 13th, 2021.
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