4 Cool and Profitable Items You Can Collect

People in every culture in every era have collected things. Some do it out of a pure fondness for the objects, and other are in it for profit. There’s a large contingent of those nowadays who fall into both those categories. For instance, it’s becoming more common for people of average income to collect art, fine wine, gold and silver coins, and antiques. It’s interesting and telling to look at what people are collecting, why they do so, and what the trendiest items are. For the decade of the 2020s, here are the hottest things on collectors’ wish lists.

US Silver Dollars

Once the sole province of numismatists (coin-collectors), several U.S.-issued silver dollars have soared to the top of must-have lists for enthusiasts and profit-seekers alike. Chief among them is a short-lived coinage issue called the U.S. Peace Dollar. As is the case with all rare coins, the condition of the piece is everything.

One reason so many non-numismatists have taken a fancy to these old round dollars is because they’re primarily composed of silver, which is one of the most popular of the precious metals for investors, traders, and speculators. Another reason Peace Dollars have made such a splash with people from all walks of life is that it’s possible to assemble a complete set, from 1921 to 1936, for around $1,000. Full sets sell for a high premium, so there’s wisdom in pursuing the hobby.

Classic Cars

Not long ago, car collecting was something only wealthy people took part in. Not anymore. These days, a collection can consist of one or two choice vehicles that the buyer fixes up and flips for a significant profit, just like real estate traders do. The smartest way to get started, even if you’re a total newcomer to the field, is to check out one of the better car classifieds blogs on car auctions from Tire Kickers, where you can gather information about what’s available, price ranges, model comparisons, how to create the perfect tune-up garage, and more.

Fine Wine

Whether you drink wine or not, there’s a potential windfall if you learn how to buy, store, and resell some of the world’s fine selections of the brew. You can thank the internet and a vast array of social media sites for bringing this once snooty hobby to the fore. Two reasons people get involved: prices that seem to rise steadily from year to year, and the low cost of entry. For less than $100 you can purchase a small, portable cellar and keep your small stash in the basement until it’s time to put it in an online auction or drink it. Not many collectible investments go well with fish or steak.

Estate Jewelry

Here’s another item that has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity due to internet auctions and the trendiness for classic jewelry. Estate pieces are those you don’t acquire from a dealer but via an in-person or online auction. Typically, the items are part of a liquidated estate of a deceased person. It costs little to begin collecting these gorgeous pieces, and once you learn to look for rare items, it’s possible to resell for a nice profit.

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