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Time to find more
Synth City
Rob Harvey


Last weekend I took another of my usual long roaming urban walks around my home area, this time a little further and thus completing nearly 15k. I do love a walk anyway, but I’m loving the fact I get to see so much, that I have simply driven past many times over the years without so much as care or thought. Apart from some lovely quirky houses and dodgy attempts at what I would call faux mansions along my route, it’s things like finding huge ornate iron gates that no longer lead to what may have been a real mansion that once stood there or the intriguing old facilities taken over by modern type housing estates. It all amuses me and makes me wonder about what was once there and what went on- love a bit of urban history.
So, in this week’s chatty bit wise, I thought, what odd or quirky buildings or sites have you discovered since the lockdowns situation had got you out and about on foot more.

Interesting still, was the new tracks I got to play this week from the likes of Amongst the Pigeons – Strange Eyes – Infra Violet – The Livelong June – Afterdark – Shelter Calm – Violet Orchestra, plus new remixes and more lovely classic artists along our merry way.

2. Star Madman – Wisdom (Radio Edit)
3. The Rude Awakening – Its OK not to be OK (Keldari Station Remix)
4. Jeff McCall – Goodbye Europa
5. Neil Francis & Daysound – Deadender
6. Amongst The Pigeons – Colour Blind
7. Covered in Snow – Romeo (Sea of Sin Remix)
8. Bjork – Play Dead
9. Empathy Test – Love Moves
11. Platronic – Maybe Someday
12. Eden – Good as gold
13. Le Groupe Fantastique – Is This Me
14. Infra Violet – Radio
15. Fighter Jets – Alone in Our Rooms (Radio Edit)
16. Ideomotor – Master/Slave
17. The Livelong June – Middle-aged rebel
18. Depeche Mode – Fools
19. Rocket Report – Highs Like This (single version)
20. AfterDark – Dress Me When I Bleed
21. Promenade Cinema – The Arch House
22. Left Engelmann AND Jessica J – Stardust after all (album version)
23. Shelter Calm – Giraffe Radar (Single Edit)
24. Introflirt – Orange Light
25. Projekt Ich – We Are The First feat. Electric City Cowboys
26. Violet Orchestra – The Kid Who Came From Outer Space
27. Learning To Dive – Tainted
28. Volker Milch – Human nature

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