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Rob Harvey


I have to start off this blog, by mentioning the weather of late, has it has been a real mix bag and put us in a world of confusion, with rain, sleet, hailstones, sunshine and high winds, I mean gawd help us in picking what to wear; should we ever need to go out. I guess it is at least been ok that I’ve had little need, as whilst in, the old Television has been keeping me advised and entertained, like the recent documentary about the famous Blitz, a Club in London at the start of the 1980s, where a new culture or should I say ‘the scene’ was created- New Romantics, along with careers were made and stories were told, supposed dodgy behaviour, bitching and laughter. Even though I have sort of heard some of the tales all before, it was a nice look back at something major in a time I hold dear.
Then you read on the cold modern ‘scene’ of social media, of remarks from some who say the programme was full of the same old faces and that some of the recollections or facts told of the time were a bit off, in the truth department.
So, in my Chattybit wise, I wondered how many times you recalled a situation of a similar time in your life, only to hear years later you may have remembered it wrong. Or How you have heard others recount a time in your life, that you know well, but in your mind, they have some of it all wrong.

Keeping with the facts; as I know them, on the show we had new tracks this week from Arcade Skies – The Rude Awakening – Basic Television – Shiny Darkness – Learning To Dive – Ferus Melek – Cobalto, plus a splash of glamour here and there, with classic artists and remixes.

1. Tenek – I Don’t Cry (For You)
2. Spacebuoy – Flames
3. New Order – Be a Rebel (Mark Reeder’s Dirty Devil Remix)
4. Crimson Medici – Conscience
5. SoftWave – Something is Missing
6. Arcade Skies – Friends From Enemies
7. Hybrid Spirits – La Vie En Rose Et Noire
8. Visage – Fade to Grey
9. Anton Witter – Break Me
10. The Rude Awakening – It’s OK Not to Be OK
11. Paul Manchin – Gratification
12. Sinestar – A Moment of Silence
13. MORE – Legacy of K
14. Basic Television – Creeper
15. Huguenot – Sidewalk Sale
16. Sugar Wings – I don’t have a name
17. Shiny Darkness – X-Ray
18. Depeche Mode – Dreaming Of Me
19. M̦rdelin РSpirals
20. Learning To Dive – Tainted
21. Nature of Wires ft Madil Hardis – Through Someone Else’s Eyes
22. 5timeszero – PoisonTree
23. Ferus Melek – Blueprint
24. Pulse Lab – Tears of a Fool
25. Eric C. Powell Andrea Powell – Soul to Your Heart
27. Volker Milch – Human nature
28. New Neon – Deep Screen TV

Broadcast on March 16th, 2021.
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