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As a child, I had no idea of fashion as such and as an adult, I had my post-New Romantic moments but I’m often still fairly hit and miss in that arena. I mentioned New Romantic, in my teenage year, I allowed my music tastes to do their influential magic and I did try to invent my versions as you do. Then I stopped all that flimflam and went all practical in my everyday dress wear, but fairly recently I have noticed a new influence on my dress sense. Would you believe the looks often seen on Television action type shows and international spy dramas? You see I’ve caught myself looking like a bit of a cheap ‘Homeland style’ CIA agent this weekend, and it, not the first time TV or film for that matter has helped me with a look- if help is the right word?
So on this week’s Chattybit wise, I wondered if you are influenced by the outfits of film or television shows, when it comes to what you wear, or have you ever been influenced?

The genuine article was more new music and this week it was from Matt Springfield – Obsession of Time – Volker Milch – Truthscan – Maxx Silver – After The Season – Psy’aviah featuring Ellia Bisker, plus loads more, including remixes from Psykelektric and more classic tracks.

1. Lady Gaga – Poker Face
2. Massive Ego – I Idolize You (Modification Edit)
3. Tingun – Devils & Angels (Psykelektric Mix Radio Edit)
4. Night Trap – Someone like you
5. Rocket Report – Highs Like This
6. Matt Springfield – The End of Life
7. Jamie Jamal – Gone So Quickly Without Goodbye
8. Clannad – Harry’s Theme
9. Wavewulf – My One True Love
10. Obsession of Time – You Brought Feelings
11. Diarblack – Heart feat. Helga Dyrfinna
12. Marva Von Theo – Love (radio edit)
13. dek101 – Damaged Goods
14. Volker Milch – Human nature
15. Pulse Lab – Tears of a Fool
16. Vague Notion – Fast Freddie
17. Truthscan – Your Parallel Life
18. Anton Witter – Break Me
. M83 – Midnight City
19. Marsheaux – Safe Tonight
20. Maxx Silver – Realisation
21. Depeche Mode – Where’s The Revolution (clean edit)
22. MORE – Legacy of K
23. After The Season – Airport Sunset
24. Noprism – PANTHERBEAT
25. She Made Me Do It – Otherworldly (single edit)
26. Psy’Aviah – City In Flames (ft. Ellia Bisker)
27. Disrupted Being – Devoted
28. VEiiLA – Au Revoir
Broadcast: on March 2nd, 2021.

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