How to Choose the Right Press Release Distribution Service

Are you looking for a press release company to improve your public relations and ensure your company is making the most of the information they are releasing to the public?

Press releases are not just for government bodies or large corporations, they can reach target audiences and provide accurate and up to date information to customers and prospective clients alike.

Ensuring the public has the most accurate and up to date information regarding your company is incredibly important. If your company is not releasing news through the appropriate channels, you will find less engagement and more questions coming from concerned parties.

But how do you choose the right press release company? What characteristics can you look for to ensure you are engaging the correct company to handle your public relations? Here are some easy signs to look for, to ensure you are choosing the best equipped and most professional company to handle your press releases.

What is a Press Release and Why is it Important?

Press releases are written statements that have been put together to inform the press and public of company changes, new stock options, or the opening of new branches, among other things.

Press releases are the official channel through which your company will confirm or deny rumors, increase public confidence in your company, and release brand new and exciting news to your target consumers and current clients.

Press releases are important, especially in today’s globalized economy, and social media-driven world. News is 24/7, and many times having information leaked via the internet can be detrimental to your company, as well as inviting unwanted questions and investigations into different aspects of your company.

Press releases are written statements that allow your public relations department to directly connect with the public and ensure only accurate information is being distributed and helping you avoid the rumor mill that is social media.

What is a Press Release Distributor and What to Look for When Vetting these Services?

A press release distribution service is a company that specializes in tailoring your press releases to your clients and target audience. This service is a must for your public relations, without an appropriate press release distribution service, your information might not reach the people you want it to reach.

When you are looking for specialized services it is important to ensure that you are contracting the most professional and well-educated company possible. Be it for written newspaper releases, or ereleases, you want to ensure you choose the correct distribution service. If you have a sore throat, you won’t go to a podiatrist, you will seek an ear, nose, and throat specialist, to ensure they have the most up to date knowledge regarding your condition, and the same can be said for release companies.

If you want to procure a lawyer, you will not contact a criminal defense attorney to handle your divorce. Just as with these cases, when you are looking for a press release company, you want to ensure that the company representing your interest specializes in what you are looking for.

Press releases are designed to inform the public of your news and any new actions you are taking, so ensure that the press releases you submit are the most accurate.

When searching for a company to represent you, make sure they have a good history and positive reviews from other clients, seek references, and do your research into how they have satisfied other companies. While cost is a factor for many, this is one area where cutting costs can have a detrimental effect on your company and public image.

With appropriate press releases, you will ensure that your current clients and all those affected by your business are being accurately and well informed. Without ensuring you have the best company working for you, you may see a growing distrust in your company with the public, and this can lead to improper information and problems when it comes to your company’s public relations.

If you have inappropriate relations with the public, you can be opening the door to losses in income and business, and see your company growth stagnate.

Press releases, and utilizing a professional and well-run distribution service, is the only official way to ensure that the most up to date and accurate information is being released to the people who require it, and also the only way to ensure you do not move forward with a bad public image.

Don’t allow your company to become one that is not trusted, don’t open the door to unwanted investigations and rumors by employing the wrong distribution service.

News is 24/7, the press is 24/7, this is the economy we now live in. Information is globalized, and the public has much more access to information and false news. Without vetting your press release company you can find your company suffering from the derogatory effects of poor public relations, leading to unnecessary back peddling and losses to the lack of appropriate representation.

Once again, you would not contact the wrong attorney to present you in court, so why contact the incorrect company to release your news and be the mouthpiece of your company? Ensuring you have appropriate press release distribution services will ensure your information is reaching those in need of it, and give your company a better public image with open and honest communication services.

To ensure the trust and confidence of the public body, and maintain appropriate public relations, it is of the highest importance that accurate information is provided to the media, and you can ensure this is done appropriately via hiring professional press release services.

As with any company, yours require the trust and confidence of the public to grow, and this can begin by ensuring you properly vet and engage a truly professional distribution service that has a history of happy clients, rather than a history of mistrust and mismanagement of information.

Be proactive and research, and you will find business growth through contracting the most reliable press release distribution service.

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