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This is how to use TikTok to benefit your business

Have you ever thought about using social media in a way that could benefit your business and its marketing? Ave you started using TikTok to market your brand but aren’t sure if you are doing it effectively enough to see any kind of benefit?

TikTok has got its market share and that is huge, we all know that! Getting a good name in a social media platform like TikTok can actually help you to grow well as a social media influencer, or if you are are starting a new venture, such as the Audio Addicts music blog.

It can actually help you to have your own market share where content creators are fighting to have their own recognition. If you want to have an advantage then you can actually look to buy instant TikTok followers from a reputed platform. This way you can ensure that you are ahead of your competitors in no time and while they are struggling to have a name, you already have got your name out there.

Even though TikTok is a relatively new social media platform and has only been on the scene for roughly 5 years or so, it has gained the attention of many brands, big and small, new and old. This is most likely due to the fact that is currently one of the biggest social media platforms around with approximately 1 billion monthly active users recorded in 2021. Businesses seem to be thriving by using TikTok as a part of their marketing strategy and there are so many reasons why.

There is no reason for your brand to be left in the dark when it comes to marketing it on TikTok, here is how you can maximise the use of TikTok to benefit your business.

Understand the platform

In order to succeed on TikTok, you have to have a basic understanding of the type of content being produced and the people who will be watching that content. TikTok’s demographic falls between teenagers and young adults broadly but has many communities with in that match up to peoples unique niche enjoyments such as knitting, cooking, sports, comedy, political movement etc.

Not understanding these things can make it difficult to formulate a marketing strategy, and one wrong decision could see an immediate loss in growth. There are sites like TokUpgrade that make marketing on TikTok easier with guides that are easy to follow and implement. The good news is that there is truly something for everyone on the app but the part that makes it different to other platforms is that it is one which allows you to be in the moment and show your most authentic self without criticism. And it can all be incorporated into a marketing strategy!

TikTok is a platform that strives for unity rather than popularity (even though it is massively popular). This means that people post basic videos in which the content itself is the part that is entertaining rather than the production quality of the content.

It is important to remember that users on TikTok don’t want to know that they are being advertised to as this breaks the community illusion of the app. So by incorporating your content into trends and viral challenges you put yourself right in the middle of this community.

Be original

If TikTok could be described in one word, it would be original, and that’s exactly what you should strive to be when posting content to TikTok if you are wanting to grow your account. You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with the type of content, video style, transitions, or music that you use, and you content doesn’t have to be pristine and perfect like how Instagram is portrayed. All you need to do is make you’re your content is entertaining, dun, and interesting for your views to increase.

TikTok gives you an opportunity to directly engage with you followers through likes, comments, and follows, and allows you to form a more personal relationship with them posting original and interesting content will draw more people to your account allowing you to interact with them more easily and effectively. Just note that when you are posting your original content, keep in mind that your content needs to align with your brand identity and images and have some form of consistency throughout your page.

Hashtag challenges

By now we all know what a hashtag is. Well hashtag challenges are basically the same concept except instead of looking for a key word to like you to a bunch of post about a similar thing, you look for a challenge and will be directed to all of the users who have attempted to execute a popular or trending challenge.

Hashtag challenges such as the #albumcoverchallenge where you take any kind of picture that would look like it would be on the cover of a music album, or #passthebrushchallenge where a group of people, all in their separate locations, will “pass” a makeup brush to each other and wave said brush in front of the camera. With a bit of movie magic they would remove the brush and appear in full glam makeup.

These challenges can become extremely well received especially when it comes to business made ones, as it allows for users to interact with a brand almost unknowingly just because they want to be a part of the action.

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