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The cat has rarely got my tongue, but there is often not much to talk of these days it seems, however, the nice spring weather arriving on the back of the bitter snowy snap, is indeed something to say alright; confusing but nice. Granted the topic of weather is one of those well-known and favourite subjects of British conversation, so I guess I should not be all that surprised or confused.
Talking of which I was aghast at the winging about the amount of utility road works going on in the area at the moment and why do they have to etc, so on my chatty bitwise, I wondered if you have noticed any other typical favourite topics of conversation that some people say is typical of that nationality or part of the world.

Still, it is always great to talk about the new music out there. This week we had another cool mixture, with new tracks from More – She Made Me Do It – Jamie Jamal – Disrupted Being – Diarblack – Debby Grupp – Pulse Lab, Plus remixes from LorD and master and a few classic artists.

1. Mesh – Kill Your Darlings
2. Gary Numan – Intruder (Radio Edit)
3. Into the Blood – The mirror (LorD and Master remix)
4. New Neon – Deep Screen TV
5. Shmoo – Ghost (Radio Edit)
6. MORE – Legacy of K
7. The Distant Minds – Callis Minds
8. Muse – Madness
9. The Cranberry Merchants – Never Again
10. She Made Me Do It – Otherworldly (single edit)
11. The Frixion – We Should Be Dancing
13. Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
14. Jamie Jamal – Gone So Quickly Without Goodbye
15. Strange Eyes – THERE’S TOO MUCH BEAUTY
16. Marva Von Theo – Love (radio edit)
17. Disrupted Being – Devoted
18. Depeche Mode – Alone
19. Reflection – Take It All
20. Diarblack – Heart feat. Helga Dyrfinna
21. Sword Collector – Inherit the Scepter
22. Le Groupe Fantastique – Is This Me
23. Debby Grupp – Stavro
24. Agents of Rhythm – Half-Truths & Barefaced Lies
25. Promenade Cinema – Cassette Conversations
26. Pulse Lab – Tears of a Fool
27. Sugar Wings – I don’t have a name
28. Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell – Soul to Your Heart

Broadcast on Feb 23rd, 2020.
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