7 Easy Ways You Can Help Our Environment

Our planet is our home, with everyone doing their part to help mother nature recover from the damage we have inflicted, we can achieve an ultimately better way of life. Through education and practice, we can show our children what steps we need to take to get things back on track around the world.

  1. Cleaning Up Starts At Home

By implementing new, earth-friendly habits at home, we can begin to reduce our carbon footprint. Using cleaning products that are chemical-free and do not contain any VOCs, volatile organic compounds. Every year thousands of our natural aquifers are contaminated by soaps and cleaners that contain the VOCs. These do not break-down and can destroy the entire ecosystem they wash into. Having an adverse negative reaction on all the flora and fauna. Rendering the natural freshwater source no longer safe for consumption. By choosing products that are biodegradable and free of any harmful additives we greatly reduce the risk of further damage.

  1. Practice Preservation & Conservation

With very simple shopping practices you can reduce the waste your home produces. Buying pantry staples in bulk reduces packaging waste. Choose products that are produced by sustainable farms and resources. Opt for organic and eco-friendly packaging to ensure the waste you are producing can be efficiently broken down and repurposed with as little impact as possible on the environment. Repurposing discarded items and shopping thrift are excellent ways to reuse items. Saving them from a landfill death and giving them a new life. When perishables are coming to expiry, learn different methods to preserve them. Often fruits and vegetables can get an extended shelf life by using one of the different food preservation methods.

  1. How We Get Around

With most of us participating in some form of commute either for work or goods, we tend to overlook a seemingly simple trip to the store and what emissions can occur. By deciding to walk if feasible we greatly lower our contribution to vehicle emissions. If walking isn’t an option, biking could be more something that could get you to your destination. Participating in public transit could reduce your expenses and further reduce your footprint. There are many ways to work together to achieve these goals, carpooling to the local office can save everyone’s emissions contributions greatly.

  1. Give A Hand

With the earth’s immediate future in our hands, we all need to do our part and work together. Volunteering within our communities to organize cleanups of problem areas, or establishing a community garden. By reaching out and developing a simple plan we can change the face of our communities everywhere. Planting trees and plants helps restore our neighborhoods and creates healthier air quality. Plus numerous possibilities of food and resources for locals. Donating your unused paints and hardware helps others in need as well as refurbish items that otherwise wouldn’t have another life and would contribute to the unnecessary landfill waste.

  1. Recycle

As one of the more notable ways to reduce consumption, recycling has grown tremendously in the years since its introduction. Always check with your local recycling depot to understand exactly what items they can take, and in what condition they should be. Most facilities can now accommodate many of our daily waste products. If it can be recycled it is your responsibility to ensure it makes it to the recycling bin and not the waste bin. Creating a compost pile out of all your organic waste has numerous benefits besides reducing your contribution. The waste is transformed into superfood for your plants, creating better food, healthier plants, and nutrient-rich soil.

  1. Little Steps Big Impressions

With small minimal changes to the way we conduct ourselves, we can easily do our part without any inconvenience to our routines. At Beeco eco-friendly products you can discover all the information you need to take the necessary steps to further reduce your contribution to the globes’ steadily declining eco-health. Showing the ease of implementing healthy new habits into everyday life. Bringing your cup during your daily grind for beverage refills. Most places now allow the use of our cups instead of the wax or plastic varieties they offer. Cute and stylish compact cases hide plastic washable straws that we can reuse, significantly reducing the abundant daily plastics waste of our neighborhoods. Wrapping gifts in recycled paper or unused fabrics creates a more personal touch. Investing in a couple of quality carry bags will ensure you do not need to opt for plastic or paper when you stop at the store. Washing only full loads in the dishwasher and the washer will greatly lower your freshwater usage. Using the appliances programming features to set more energy-friendly usage times. Setting the thermostat to a lower temperature when no one is home or at night when everyone is bundled up will save on heating and cooling costs as well as have positive results on energy consumption.

  1. Shop Eco-Wise

As our appliances age and we replace them it would be in the better interest of all if we invested in high-quality energy-efficient appliances. They use fractions of the resources as the older varieties. They also offer settings that you can customize to use only what is necessary for the task. Converting your light bulbs to LED is one of the most energy-efficient technologies you can commit to. Unplugging your devices and appliances can also reduce your energy consumption. The standby power required to maintain the lit features, and often aesthetically pleasing details, is not a requirement and contributes greatly to your homes’ expenses. By turning off lights when we leave the room, and ensuring no power is being needlessly wasted we are creating better habits for our homes, doing our part to better the planet, and saving money.

With commitment and effort we can all dramatically impact the overall health of the planet and in turn each of us. Leaving a better world for all the earth’s children, by teaching them the importance of nature, and what would happen to us if we don’t do our part to heal our planet. Taking all necessary steps today to secure a better future tomorrow.

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