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Another highlighted day out of the way for another year. No, not my tired old birthday, but good old Saint Valentines where some couples often flap to get it right and singletons wine- or is that drink wine. As it happens it is all done now, in the ongoing strange climate a miracle for some to have a special day anyway and luckily for me, I didn’t have to concerns or fret my handsome self, what with the biggest and arguably the best excuse about, to consider binning any enrolment in such commercial calendar dates; that what I told myself.
Having said all that, in my chatty bit wise, I wondered if any of you got extra creative for valentines day or sort of used the whole lockdown caution situation as an excuse to give it all a miss.

We had set caution to the wind this week with new tracks of blooming variety from, Sword Collector – Agents of Rhythm – Eric C Powell/Andrea Powell – The Cranberry Merchants – New Neon – Lloyd Price – The Distant Minds, plus some classic artists and remixes to boot.

1. Ultravox – Brilliant
2. Killwave – Down Through Tokyo
3. Analogue Electronic Whatever – Hole (Synthetic Radio Remix)
4. Ideomotor – Amplified
5. Tiny Magnetic Pets – Automation
6. Sword Collector – Inherit the Scepter
7. Oui Plastique – Failure
8. Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring
9. VEiiLA – Au Revoir (single, 2021)
10. Agents of Rhythm – Half-Truths & Barefaced Lies
11. Gary Numan – Intruder (Radio Edit)
12. Jan Doyle Band – Green
13. Cryotainment – Everything catches you
14. Eric C. Powell Andrea Powell – Soul to Your Heart
15. Vogon Poetry – Tankar (Original Version)
16. Wavewulf – My One True Love
17. The Cranberry Merchants – Never Again
18. Denial Waits – Father Me
19. Strange Eyes – THERE’S TOO MUCH BEAUTY
20. New Neon – Deep Screen TV
21. Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease
22. Low Tide Theory – Crash
23. Lloyd Price – Shots Fired
24. Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom
25. Anton Witter – Break Me
26. The Distant Minds – Callis Minds
27. Rocket Report – Highs Like This (single version)
28. Vague Notion – Fast Freddie

Broadcast on Feb 16th, 2020.
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