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Rob Harvey


Speeding along with this somewhat oxymoron situation of a slow down pace of life can often make you feel you missed something vital or that you didn’t but felt you may have possibly imagined stuff. It’s funny how many people worry and fuss about wearing the right outfit or the correct items to important events when for some reason simple mittens could steal the show; hey Bernie?.
So on my chatty bitwise, I wondered what odd item did you wear that stood out unintentionally to an event or nowadays when you look back, you can see a look or item standing out.

Talking of standing, or rather outstanding, check out all the new tracks we played this week, from Train To Spain – Tiny Magnetic Pets – Montage Collective – Anton Witter – Marv Von Theo – Alphabot – BTRN + Slick Division + Color Theory, plus loads more, currently unsigned goodness and classic artists.

1. Tin Gun – Devils & Angels (Radio Edit)
2. Vivien Glass – Part Machine – (Alternate Version)
3. AfterDark – Alone (Missing in STARS Remix)
4. Rocket Report – Highs Like This (single version)
5. Noprism – PANTHERBEAT
6. Train To Spain – Dreaming Away
7. Maxx Silver – Dragons
8. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
9. ACTORS – Love U More
10. Tiny Magnetic Pets – Automation
11. The Frixion – We should be Dancing
12. LorD and Master – Time to think (album version)
13. Nuis X – Man Of Honor
14. Montage Collective – Into The Interim (Album Version)
15. Munatix – Longing For Some Time With Me
16. Gregorys Return – Welcome to the Future
17. Anton Witter – Break Me
18. Gary Numan – Intruder (Radio Edit)
19. Dicepeople – Nitro (radio edit)
20. Marva Von Theo – Love (radio edit)
21. Depeche Mode – When The Body Speaks
22. Dark Smoke Signal – Tearing the Wings off an Angel
23. ALPHABOT – Flashdancer
24. Projekt Ich – Society Class feat. Stocksnskins
25. DEF NEON – Sparks
26. BTRN + Slick Division + Color Theory – Neon Lights
27. MORE – Constant Loop
28. Decade 8 – Masterminds

Broadcast on Tuesday, Jan 26th, 2021.
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