Medical Detox Basics

Trying to detox after years of substance abuse can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. If the addiction is severe enough, medications can be used to minimize the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox programs are normally offered at in-patient rehab centers. The structure and medical support provided by this type of detox program can make a dramatic difference in a patient’s recovery journey.

What Is a Medical Detox?

medical detox program is a unique treatment option for patients who are experiencing very intense, and sometimes painful, withdrawal symptoms. Medications are prescribed that minimize the symptoms, allowing the patient to work through other issues associated with their addiction. The use of the medications is continued until the drugs/alcohol has worked its way out of their system and their symptoms have subsided.

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Detox Program?

Medical detox programs are beneficial in many ways. The medications are designed to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal that many patients experience. Being admitted into an inpatient medical detox provides the medical support the patient needs to overcome their addiction in a healthy manner. They are provided with a nutrient-rich diet and the supplements they need to become physically and mentally strong. Another benefit of a medical detox program is that it provides the structure that the patient needs to keep them on track while they work through the initial stages of their recovery.

How Long Does a Medical Detox Program Last?

The length of a medical detox program will depend on many factors unique to the patient. The length of their addiction and the severity of their symptoms are key factors in the type of medications that will be used and the duration of the detox treatment. While some inpatient treatment programs can last 90 to 180 days, other programs can last as long as two years or more. Longer detox programs are sometimes a combination of both inpatient and outpatient programs. Medical detox programs are used in the beginning but when the withdrawal symptoms subside, the doctor may gradually eliminate

Who Will Benefit Most From a Medical Detox Program?

Patients who are having serious withdrawal symptoms that are affecting their physical and emotional health will benefit the most from a medical detox program. Patients who are committed to moving forward with their recovery may only need to use the medical detox treatment for a short period of time. The support they get from the medication will give them a solid foundation to build their recovery on. Even if it is just for a short period of time, a medical detox program can help patients get back on their feet and regain their strength much faster.

At a place like Gallus Medical Detox Centers, you can find the answers you need concerning how medical detox programs work. Medical detox programs aren’t always needed. When they are, however, they provide the patient with what they need to move through the most difficult part of their recovery journey. Withdrawals and the symptoms they produce can cause by both physical and emotional distractions that slow down a patient’s progress. With a well-thought-out medical detox program, patients are able to face their future with confidence.

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