Why Are People Still Into Listening To Radio?

Technology is foreseen to continue to develop and progress each year, and we are not blind to what has been happening over the years.

This is why many are asking if people are still into listening to radios? Are radios still relevant to the modern world when podcasts, Spotify, and Youtube Music are everywhere, and practically everyone uses them?

In modern consumers’ eyes, a radio is an old-school medium used to listen to music and news broadcasts. But let us tell you that that isn’t the case. We are going into detail about how and why radio is still a strong component in modern broadcasting and communication media. And why radio will never lose its appeal in the industry and with its audience.

The Relevance Of Radio Today

You see, radio has a unique proposition when it comes to broadcasting. Unlike its other competitors like the television and the Internet, radio plays strongly in its field. They are portable, can be used in your car, and used in department stores allowing them to reach a more targeted audience.

Furthermore, our love for music hasn’t been lost. Even with the Internet’s rapid growth, the radio still exists and thrives in the broadcasting and communication industry. It continues to play music to serenade us in our cars in the middle of the traffic. It keeps us informed first-hand with the daily news, gets in touch with traffic updates, and even helps us check the daily weather forecast reports.

Have you ever wondered why radio is still a built-in feature in many cars? Because of the sole reason that many consumers still prefer the traditional radio. Even though it’s a given idea that driving consumers prefer reliability, durability, and a comfortable driving experience, they still prefer their AM/FM car radio. Even with continuous technological advancement, consumers want to retain their beloved car radio.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with retaining car radio as a medium of broadcasting in every vehicle. It still falls under the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” category. Making it a win-win for both the listening public and the radio broadcasting stations.

The Advantages Of Listening To Radio

If you’re still wondering what makes radio popular, let us give you more reasons to solidify the radio’s “not going anywhere and is nowhere near obsolete” status.

Radio is still the “best” marketing strategy.

Segmented audience? Organic reach? Locally targeted audience? That’s all possible when it comes to radio advertising. These are the reasons why businesses and huge enterprise marketing directors still consider radio advertising as one of their marketing strategies to this date. Not only that, with radio advertising, marketing comes inexpensive compared to promoting campaigns on the Internet and broadcasting on television.

Radio listeners are filtered. This means active listeners are available in different frequencies that best suits their taste. With this, audiences are already segmented, making it easier for marketing to target them.

They can now insert their company advertisements that are tailored-fit to the audience of the specific frequency. It’s an effortless marketing strategy, and thanks to radios, local businesses can grow and expand by effective local targeting.

For businesses, radio advertising makes their marketing so easy since they already know who they’re targeting. Also, local audiences built trust with their favorite radio station or frequency. So, anything that they promote instantly captures audience trust – a positive effect that every business needs.

Listening to the radio is free.

In the modern world, where everything almost runs on subscriptions, listening to the radio remains free! This is the strongest proposition of many radio broadcasting stations. They are free, and their audiences can listen to them all day long. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Amazon Music, listening to the radio is entirely free and inexpensive.

And not only that, radio listeners have a wide selection of what they want to listen to. There are many radio frequencies that they can select from and listen to depending on their taste.

If you’re in Portland, you can listen to https://muckrack.com/rankings/top-10-portland-radio-stations. Every radio station delivers a different radio segment such as playing requested music, drama sessions, news update, and even radio talk show segments.

Giveaways, Promos, And Prizes

If you’re an all-time radio fan, you know that these things exist, and yes, they still do exist up to this modern age. Radio stations do this as a marketing strategy as well. This is their driving force to attract more listeners, but this comes at a two-way road. For some companies, sending out giveaways and promos is a successful means of marketing strategy.

Radio listeners are forced to listen to every advertisement. Hence, to remove the pressure of listening to countless radio ads, marketers add something to entice them, and this is through promos, giveaways, and random prizes.

With this, the businesses collect potential buyers. The radio station also gathers potential listeners, and if the marketing translates well and earns a sale, both the radio station and the business wins.

Listening to the radio makes your brain work.

There’s no visual. It’s the thing that makes the radio different from television and the Internet. However, individuals tend to be visual creatures. For some, listening to radio balances that idea. Your eyes can’t see, but your ears can hear, and that’s the main idea for people who love and still love listening to the radio.

It’s also the reason why we love to listen to music played on radios. It conveys stronger emotions. We focus on using one of our senses, which leads us to develop powerful emotional benefits. Also, listening to the radio helps us, effective communicators.

Avid radio fans are better at communicating. And not only that, listening to the radio keeps our brains working, letting us enhance our imagination and practice our cognitive parts of the brain


Radios tagged as old-school has a nice ring to it. It seems that it has aged nicely. But it doesn’t mean it’s going away, not now and not in the near future. Radios are still a significant part of communication, and it will continue to play its part even with all the technological advancements we have now. People will still listen to it, and it will still be an effective medium for both businesses and local audiences.

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