How To Enjoy The NFL As A Couple

On occasion, my wife joins me to watch a football game or two. Over the course of our marriage, she has gone through multiple stages with regard to her enjoyment of the sport. At one point in time, she had zero interest in joining me when games were on. Then, she decided she would watch games just so that we could be together, but she still couldn’t muster any real interest in what was happening on the field, so it was short-lived. In a different phase, she got into the routine of watching weekly games, and she even developed emotional involvement when it came to who won and lost.

Throughout this process, I have discovered a few things that have boosted the chances that she will not only watch, but also enjoy this pastime with me. If you find the idea of spending football Sundays together with your significant other, the advice that follows may just do the trick.

1. Be A Patient Teacher

According to the greatest obstacle to someone’s enjoyment is not understanding how the game is played. Once I spent the time necessary to articulate the basic rules, how different plays worked, and the overall objective, my wife was more amenable to watching a full game. Patience is key, here. While you may have an almost innate grasp of football from your own years of watching, your wife may have little background knowledge of the game, and you will need to take your time explaining it.

2. Establish A Personal Tie

I found that the seasons my wife most enjoyed watching football were those in which we actually knew some of the players on the field, or at least their family members or friends. Having a personal connection of that sort made the game that much more interesting to her. If you do not have personal knowledge of anyone involved in the games, conduct a bit of research into the personalities involved, and you may just find a personal connection that is enough to make the game far more interesting to your spouse.

3. Don’t Go Overboard On Sundays

As any football fan can attest, NFL Sundays are like a marathon. Pregame shows begin in the morning, and the action does not stop until Sunday Night Football and SportsCenter have finished at night. If your wife is not yet the sort of football fanatic that you are, there is probably a time limit on how much she can take on a single day. Plan ahead and decide how many games you will watch, and allot additional time in the day to engage in other activities that you both enjoy.

4. Gear Up!

A fun way to get your wife more engaged in NFL Sundays is to buy some colorful, official gear. Jerseys in team colors and logos are great, and many teams also offer merchandise especially fitted for women, making the experience that much more tailored to her tastes.

5. Get The Kids Involved

See if you can’t get your kids excited about watching games as a family as well. When something turns into an activity for the entire crew, your wife is all the more likely to want to take part.

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