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Rob Harvey


I am loving the autumn season right now, as we seem to be getting a little more sun then is regular; I say regular as normal is not quite the word for all our lives at this particular moment. It is so important to get out there, whilst we have to support the current life we have and to de-stress, as there is always something else to throw us off.
Take for instance the recent media malarkey about the Christmas classic hit from the Pogues, and how we need to accept the derogatory word choices of a time should not be ignored and allowed to continue in use, as if acceptable. Offensive and derogatory terms aside, I for one have no problem generally with swears in some songs, though I tend to find sometimes there is really no need. Naturally, it’s a pain for the broadcast industry, as we need to be respectful and remove those words with a tactful radio edit. As I say some songs don’t really need them to be fine in its direction, minus the expletive.
So it sort of begs the question’s in this week’s chatty bit- Do you feel the swears are needed in a song to be a real expression and or What hits songs with swears would be as good without?

On the great music side of life we had yet another wide selection this week with new music from Agent Of Rhythm – CODE – LorD and Master – SCALA – Darkzine – Martin Gore – FUSED, Plus a ‘Rude’ B-Movie remix and loads more, classics.

1. White Lies – Big TV
2. ACTORS – Love U More
4. Ditsea Yella – Algo
5. Jigsaw Sequence – Deliver Me (single mix).mp3
6. Agents of Rhythm – Give It Up
7. The Mystic Underground – The Fixer
8. Kate Bush – The Dreaming
9. Vague Notion – Shadow Talk
11. The Grey Disorder – POWERLESS.
12. Platronic – Dreams
13. Thomas Azier – Red Eyes
14. LorD and Master – When we were young (single mix)
15. Depeche Mode – Shine
16. Rocket Report – Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
17. SCALA – Weightless
18. NOPRISM – Happiness
19. STARwave – Warrior
20. Darkzine – Dark Scenes
21. Maps – Sleep Today (Radio Edit)
22. Strange Eyes – MIDNIGHT RAINBOWS
23. Martin Gore – Mandrill
24. Nostalgia Deathstar – Dead 80s
25. MORE – Constant Loop
26. Fused – No Fear
27. Into the Blood – Heaven Knows (Radio Edit)
28. Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Goodbye

Broadcast on Nov 24th, 2020.
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