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Rob Harvey


This little radio show is all about keeping a healthy distance; between your ear bits, but is not easy as the new music is being created so much in this climate, so whether you are feeling the pinch, I’m revelling in the amount of new music coming my way- though I do struggle to work out who to debut each week. So, my question this week, is the current situation fueling your creativity and if so, is it in music only?

We had a world exclusive from the Swedish band ‘More’ as well as being of Choc-a block full, with new tunes from More – Famished for Blonds – Flux – The Truth Sounds Different featuring David Vaughan – The Grey Disorder – Woodrowgerber – Infra Violet, plus a few cool classic tracks and delightful remixes.

1. Erasure – Nerves of Steel
2. Neon Radiation & Enemy Infestation – Tomorrows World
3. KNIGHT$ – What’s Your Poison (Twisted Destiny Remix)
4. Honey Beard – Black Skies
5. Into the Blood – There is nothing wrong about the Bassline (Synthpop Mix)
6. MORE – Constant Loop
7. Tarabud – Angel Rescue
8. S Express – Hey Music Lover
9. Promenade Cinema – Cold Fashion
10. Famished For Blonds – Wildeblood
11. Star Madman – I Just Want More
12. New Order – BE A REBEL (RADIO EDIT)
13. Zero Corporation – The death of love
14. Flux – Handbag Punk (Radio Edit)
15. Heliophile – Chemicals
16. Empathy Test – Love Moves
17. The Truth Sounds Different (feat David Vaughan) – Elastic (Full Stretch)
18. Depeche Mode – The Landscape Is Changing
19. Machinista – Black Tide
20. The Grey Disorder – POWERLESS
21. BlakLight – Isolation
22. Tenek – What Do You Want (Radio Edit)
23. Woodrowgerber – Conversations with Myself
24. Maxx Silver – Poison
25. Charlotte Someone & Lokka Vox – A New Sun
26. Infra Violet – Polaroid
27. Take The Night – Teenage Love
28. Shiny Darkness – See You In the Next Life

Broadcast on Sept 15th, 2020.
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