Future of online slots

Fruit machines, also known as slots and one-armed bandits, are a common sight found at most pubs, gaming arcades and casinos. In fact, they are the most common type of game found in almost all modern-day casinos. The same can be said of online slots when it comes to online casinos, with easily more than 80% of all the games offered by an online casino consisting of slots UK. The question is…

Are online slots killing the fruit machines?

Think about it logically – the more online slots there are, the less physical slot machines are needed. After all, why schlep on over to the nearest pub or casino to play the same selection of one-armed bandits that has been there for the past few months when you can have access to hundreds of thousands of online slots, with new games added weekly, without ever having to leave your home? Heck, thanks to smartphones and apps for online slots, we don’t even have to get up off our favourite couch or get out of bed to play. 

Fruit of the same slot

The fruit machines of today are far removed from what they once were. To keep from becoming outdated and obsolete, fruit machines have always been updated and modernized. In fact, there is not much difference between a physical slot and an online slot, with them playing in the exact same manner. Today, the fruit machines are basically physical versions of the online slots. 

Can’t beat the feeling

One area that the traditional slot scores over its online compatriot is that when you are playing a slot, it actually feels as if you are doing something compared to clicking a mouse. The whole process of feeding a coin into the machine, pulling the lever or pressing the button, listening to the reels tumble and clink as they set can’t be beaten by a mouse click, no matter how dressed up it may be with accompanying music and flashing lights. 

Being a part of something bigger

Another advantage the traditional slot holds over its online version is that you feel a part of something bigger as you play, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Playing online can be something of a lonely experience, with no one around to share in the highs and lows that come with gambling. 

The choice is yours

One area where the online player will always be better served is when it comes to choice. At the casino you are limited to the slots they have while on the internet you have access to hundreds of thousands of different slots. Mind you, such a huge choice can lead to what is known as “choice paralysis”, where there are so many options that you don’t even know where to begin. 

Is COVID-19 the death blow for the fruit machine?

Finally, with the world still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ask yourself this – would you put your life at risk by going down to the local pub to play slots, closely surrounded on all sides by strangers when you could have access to countless different slots from the safety of your own home?

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