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5 Must-Try Food Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand is most famous for its jaw-dropping natural landscapes. This is the location where one can truly feel mesmerized by the power and ingenuity of Mother Nature!

Now, as you can imagine, all this beauty didn’t stay unexplored! The vast diversity and dramatism of the topography attract annually over  2.4 million tourists from all over the world. As such, the country is well-developed in the tourist niche with plenty of accommodation, restaurants and eateries, and places where people of all ages can have some fun. 

However, if you plan on adding New Zealand to your next vacation itinerary, we strongly recommend compartmentalizing the activities. As such, if this is your first time here, it’s best to leave the parties and casinos for another time (if you really want to try living on the edge, there’s always available where you go). 

Your first visit to New Zealand should be about exploring the surroundings, trying adventurous sports (white water rafting, jet boating, skydiving, hiking, mountain biking, and so on), and getting accustomed to the place. 

Believe us, it takes a while to take the magic of this place in! And, since you’ll be walking all day or doing all sorts of crazy sports, food will definitely be on your mind several times in the day. So, why not go prepared? 

Today we’ll list the top five food experiences every tourist that’s been to New Zealand swears by. Check them out and make a mental note of the ones that make your mouth watery. 

#1: Fish & Chips

If you’re British this menu item may not be a novelty. However, given that locals go fishing every day, you are in for a treat! It won’t even resemble the fish and chips you know from back home. 

New Zealand’s fish and chips are considered to be the best in the world due to the freshness of the ingredients. Not to mention, the potatoes are crunchy and absolutely divine in taste!

#2: Hangi 

If you like cooking on a campfire, you will definitely love the Hangi experience!

While the food is amazing, it must be accompanied by the entire cooking experience to be able to fully understand its flavors. This is a Maori delicacy and is made from meat and root vegetables (usually pumpkins and potatoes) cooked over hot stones buried in the ground for a couple of hours. As expected, the food is cooked outdoors and it’s recommended to have a large group of hungry people since everything is cooked in baskets. 

Hangi is served in the Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua and is a wonderful bonding experience with the locals. 

#3: Lamb

Given that New Zealand is the land of sheep, it shouldn’t surprise you that they enjoy lamb. The good news is that New Zealanders know how to cook the meat in order to stay tender and delicious. You will find lamb served in high-end restaurants, street food eateries, and even fast-food locals. 

#4: Chocolate & Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll feel extra spoiled here! The country has a strong dairy industry so they also produce several chocolate brands like Jaffa’s or Pineapple Lumps. The mix of high-quality milk and access to exotic recipes resulted in creamy and delicious desserts that will send your taste buds in a frenzy. 

As for the ice cream, have you ever heard of the Hokey Pokey Ice Cream? It is a local concoction made from fresh vanilla ice cream and honeycomb pieces. The taste is unbelievable and the texture is absolutely fabulous!

#5: Baked Goods

As it turns out, New Zealanders love to bake and this is shown by the many family-owned bakeries available all over the country. One special delicacy is mince pie (pie with minced meat), but you’ll also find a lot of sweet delicacies. 

Overall, the New Zealand food experience can be both familiar and unique at the same time. But, the fact that they use mostly locally-sourced ingredients (milk, fish, vegetables, and more) means that the food is always fresh and quite rich in nutrients. 

So don’t be afraid to try new things and enjoy the taste of your adventure!

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