Synth City: Lift-up and be you

P H O E N I X   P L A Y E R
Lift-up and be you
Synth City
Rob Harvey


So much advice these days to take in, all I know is listen to your heart because my mind is often on the fringe mode- yes, I need a hair cut, which is what I seem to be thinking about each week. As we mark Mental Health Week, I wondered if you had a go-to song or fun activity that always seems to lift you when you feel a little low or out of salts- You may be surprised at my go-to song….

On this week’s radio show, we got to hear new tracks from Soda Blonde – EmT – Pocket Knife Army – Empathy Test – Crimson Medici – Paul Greenleaf – Medium Wave, and quite a few classic artist tracks and cool remixes to boot.

Check out the full selection of what we played here;

1. Chvrches – Lies
2. Massive Ego – Digital Heroin
3. Vogon Poetry – Changes (Glenn Main Remix)
4. Jigsaw Sequence – Day One (Radio Edit)
5. Neon Radiation – How Can I Love You
6. Soda Blonde – Motion
7. Water Low – Planes and Pilots
8. Duran Duran – Girls On Film
9. Sombre Moon – Linger
10. EmT – Undecided
11. Telekinesis – Ghosts And Creatures
12. Synthax Xtructure – Before You
13. Eden – Living Room
14. Pocket Knife Army – Intruders, Liars, Invaders, Thieves
15. Depeche Mode – Breathing In Fumes
16. Fighter Jets – Alone in Our Rooms (Radio Edit)
17. Empathy Test – Love Moves
18. Black Nail Cabaret – Make a Run
19. Tiny Magnetic Pets – Blitzed
20. Church of Trees – Paralyzed
21. Crimson Medici – Feel the beat (Radio Edit)
22. Roxy Music – Ladytron
23. Rogue Sector Now It’s Dark
24. Paul Greenleaf – Everything Is Forgotten
25. Scenius – Held
26. ReveLever Feat Shannon Maree – Future Forward
27. Medium Wave – Endless
28. 1984 – (In Stylish Hair, We Were Sharp Dressed Men) [Club 80s UK Radio Edit]
29. KNIGHT$ – Gelato
Broadcast on May 19th, 2020.
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