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On today’s music packed edition of the show we looked at how one man managed to scare his mates out of their wits  – and from a distance at that!

Working from home a man called Rob Savage linked with his colleagues on his computer.

During the course of events, he happened to mention that he keeps hearing sounds of movement coming from above the room.

One of his mates suggested that whilst he has them all on line, it might be a good idea for him to take his video camera up into the loft for a quick “look see” especially after someone suggested that the noises could be due to an infestation of rats.

Encouraged by this suggestion but not too keen by what he might find, with trembling hands, he opened the loft hatch entrance and panned the camera around the loft space, which in the gloom showed dimly-lit dusty storage boxes piled high.

Then as he slowly panned the camera around looking for what might be the cause of the noises, a bloodied child emitted a chilling scream and reached for the camera, while his friends also scream in horror watching on.

The camera and its operator then appeared to drop to the floor as his friends are shocked into silence.

It turned out that our hero spends time making films and had expertly reeled his mates into the trick, leaving little hints over a period of weeks, including tweeting about the ‘man’ he suspects was living his in attic.

Meanwhile from Australia comes news of something you wouldn’t expect to find in a FROZEN 2 DIARY (part of a FROZEN 2 Make Over Set) –  aimed at 5-year olds.

Mother TONI ALAMOS had bought the gift as a birthday present for 5-year old daughter, Millie  but when the young girl proudly showed it off to her aunt, they made the surprise discovery that the book included a checklist of sex toys and a variety of suggested positions that could be tried out.

In short it was anything but child friendly!

Amazingly the book did not appear to have been tampered with in any way.

Thankfully having only just started in pre-school, Millie wasn’t able to benefit from a real course in EARLY LEARNING and as someone else had bought her another copy of the book in error – which did not include the same explicit content, she remained blissfully unaware of anything untoward.

Her mother took up the issue with the Kmart store in Brisbane, Australia from which it had been purchased who offered to replace it, but Toni said she would hold on to it – just for laughs – or maybe she thought there might be a few tips worth considering who knows?

Anyway I’ll see you again tomorrow,

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