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How To Gain more Followers On SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is to audio what YouTube is to video. Soundcloud as a platform played a pivotal role in launching many into the limelight. Whether you are a professional musician or just a music enthusiast who wants to share his tunes with the world, SoundCloud has got something for everybody. SoundCloud gives you the ability to share your own music or listen to many talented musicians out there. Many muscians take service of social media websites to buy SoundCloud followers, that is now consider as most effective strategy as the artists can focus on their craft.

What is SoundCloud?

Blogger is for blogs, Facebook for sharing stories, YouTube for sharing videos and SoundCloud for sharing audio. SoundCloud aims to be a platform where creators are able to share their music, simply by uploading it to their account. Just like any other platform SoundCloud also offers interaction among different creators which can be crucial in order to gain expertise. However, if you want to make it big on SoundCloud you will need to have active followers. Let us take a look at how to gain more followers On SoundCloud. You should make proper soundcloud marketing strategy.

Organise your account:

Simply creating an account on SoundCloud and uploading music will not do you any good. You will need to methodically structure your account. Before you organise your account, it is smart to consider the following:

  • A unique yet relatable username.
  • The genre or type of music you will be publishing
  • A crafty and effective bio or description.

A bio or description is a very useful way of conveying useful information to your audience. Create a unique statement that your listeners never forget. This is a great way of connecting with your audience on a more personal level resulting in returning listeners and subsequent conversion as followers.

Tell Stories:

Poetry and music go hand in hand when conveying a story. And who doesn’t like a good story? Use your music to convey messages to your listeners and followers. This adds a sense a cohesion to your content and your listeners will connect better to your music. Try to project your emotions with your music.

Create playlists:

It is a great idea to organise your songs according to playlists. Create well thought out playlists of songs that you think go great together. Greatest party hits or greatest love songs, whatever it is create a fun way for your followers to listen to your music.


Interaction can be a great option to connect with like-minded creators like yourself. Don’t be some random guy uploading videos once in a while. Create a structure and schedule, upload music according to the schedule consistently, follow other creators and analyse what is not working for them and use it to your advantage, follow comments and suggestions of your followers. Being active can be the difference between gaining and losing followers. Creating a group or being an active part of a group can also be very beneficial in order to share your music and gain more followers. Choose a group that you feel is relevant and parallel to your style and start connecting with other enthusiasts to garner more and more support for your music.

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