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How To Be A Better Teacher

Teachers are incredible people. They often go above and beyond in helping their students to learn and understand, and they do much more than their contract might suggest they should, they do it because they want to and because they care about educating children.

Due to this need to do a good job at all times, many teachers will also want to know how they can be better at their jobs. If this sounds like you, and you would like to know how to be a better teacher, then here are some ways to do it.

Look After Yourself

Teachers will often work very hard. Their hours are long and they work from home in the evenings and on weekends too. No matter how much you might enjoy this, or how much you might think it needs to be done, you must also take care of yourself.

If you work yourself until you are ill, if you skip meals, if you don’t sleep enough, then you won’t be able to take care of the children in your charge. Either a substitute teacher will need to be drafted in to take your place while you’re sick, or you will potentially offer substandard lessons because you have no energy.

Make sure you take some time to yourself, especially at the weekend which is your chance to relax and unwind. Try to carry out a hobby so that you aren’t constantly thinking about school, and make sure you eat well, exercise, and sleep properly. It might be a difficult routine to get into, but it’s crucial for you and your students.

Keep Learning

A teacher who is always looking for new learning opportunities will be a much better one than a teacher who feels that they have already learned everything they need to learn and no longer wants to add to their knowledge base. Therefore, you should keep learning. Look out for courses and workshops that will give you more information and a better insight into what you do and how you can improve.

In many cases, your workplace will pay for these courses for you, and give you time off to attend them as it benefits them just as much as it does you and the children.

You don’t have to learn just about your particular subject, either. There are many additional skills that teachers can use to their advantage, and which will give their students a more enriching education. You could look for courses that discuss the role of social & emotional learning in the classroom, or one that shows you how to encourage reluctant learners to be more engaged, for example

Ask For Help

A teacher should know when they need to ask for help, and, more than that, they should ask for that help, too. It’s not a weakness to acknowledge when things are getting difficult.

Help can come in many forms such as:

  • Teaching assistants

  • Additional teaching staff for larger classrooms

  • Time away from work if required

  • Part time working or a job share

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