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Synth City: Isolation to synth

P H O E N I X   P L A Y E R
Isolation to synth
Synth City
Rob Harvey


I’ve been finding the first full week of supposed isolation bit like a home holiday type thing, without the fun activities. Of course, I also work from home and so that kind of undermines any casual plans, but it is a start I guess, to do my bit. These are unusual times and are effecting us all globally, so I wondered if you found any new benefits to all this Isolation or social distancing business? We also spoke about what song title for a synth-pop song could you create, based on the current situation.

New music on the show this week came from Reclaim Vienna – Promenade Cinema – Debris Discs – Nature Of Wires featuring Stephen Newton – Jeff Mc Call – D.D.D Danahy – Vain Machine, Plus a few classic tracks and new remixes as per my usual mix.

1. ElektroFish – Different Planet
2. Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield – What Have I Done to Deserve This
3. Psy’Aviah – Hold On (ft. Mark Bebb) (Metroland 7inch remix)
4. This Human Condition – God Kills Another Kitten (Radio Edit)
5. Vague Notion – Fallin’ In Love
6. Reclaim Vienna – Change The Echo
7. Volker Milch – Questions
8. Depeche Mode – Wrong
9. Promenade Cinema – Cold Fashion
10. Promenade Cinema – Fading In The Arcade
11. Heliophile – Melding Of The Minds
12. Daysound featuring Neil Francis – Photograph
13. Tourists – We’ll Talk About It
14. Debris Discs – We Never Die
15. Train To Spain – Saviour
16. Sombre Moon – Linger
17. Nature of Wires ft Stephen Newton – No Time to Die
18. TINY MAGNETIC PETS – Girl In A White Dress
19. Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away
20. Jeff McCall – Hold On To Love
21. Marine and The Diamonds – Hollywood
22. Stereo in Solo ft Kay Burden – TV News
23. Heartracer – Darling
24. D.D.Danahy – The man in the Aston Martin
25. Perpacity – Burn
26. Into the Blood – No One
27. Vain Machine – Disconnect
28. Projekt Ich – The Stranger feat. Faltenhall
29. Kapitalet – Forlorad Varld

Broadcast on March 24th, 2020

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