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Five Decorating Tips for 2020

Just as fashion trends change throughout the years, so do decorating trends. What was all the rage last year may quickly become outdated as new trends take their place. Décor designers are always coming up with new and unique pieces to spice up your home and provide practical and functional solutions.

In 2020, modern boxy designs are fading out to welcome in more fluid pieces. Futuristic chromes, stark whites and glass have been replaced with natural materials like bamboo and wood. If you feel out of the loop, these five decorating tips will help you update your home to a more current style.

1. Paint Your Ceiling

Skip the wall paint this year and add a pop of colour to your ceiling. The colours you choose can have a significant effect on the appearance of the whole room. Darker colours will make it look smaller, while lighter colours can make it seem larger. Keep your walls a light, neutral tone and add personality by painting something fun on the ceiling. It will draw the eye up and make the room look taller. Painters and decorators in Streatham can handle this work for you, so you don’t need to spend hours on a ladder.

2. Update Your Hardware

A fun and inexpensive way to revise your décor is to switch out the hardware. Replacing handles and knobs on your furnishing with something unique makes a huge difference. You can go for a vintage-looking golden finish, a sharp silver, or even paint it a bold colour to make a statement.

3. Invest in a Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are so in for 2020. Not only do they add an entire room to your home, but they also don’t require any planning permission to build. Choose a recommended loft conversion company in South London and discuss your desired design and outcome. They will do the rest! With an increase in people working remotely, it’s more important than ever to have a functional home office space. A loft conversion is quiet, isolated and is an ideal setting to be productive in.

4. Coloured Grout

You may often think of spicing up your kitchen or bathroom by switching out the tiles. Have you ever considered changing up the grout colour? A basic tile with boldly coloured grout is a super fun way to update a room. What’s great about it is that you don’t need to redo your whole wall; you can apply the coloured grout over the existing tiles.

5. Go Sustainable

Sustainability is a word on everyone’s lips in 2020 and integrating it into your décor is a great way to do your part. Buying home décor and furnishing brand new contributes to your footprint on the planet. Consider everything that has gone into producing those items from scratch when there’s plenty of options that you can purchase second hand. If second hand isn’t your thing though, go for a sustainable brand that makes products from recycled materials or with substances like bamboo that can quickly be regrown.

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