British gamblers

British gamblers are definitely one of the most active enthusiasts in both the landbased and online casinos, which eventually has its trace on the overall statistics. In particular, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), which is the country’s main regulatory body, has recently published a report that evidently represented the spending patterns of Brits to real money casino platforms.

From what we found out in our manual review, the fiscal year of 2018/2019 represented an alarming amount of spending on gaming purposes, which reached £14.4 billion during the mentioned time frame. That’s why we decided to dive a bit deeper and review what the major gameplay patterns are, alongside reviewing some peculiar facts from the British official statistics.

Seven major directions

In the course of the report published by the UKGC, Brits were playing the most in seven main directions, which include:

  1. Remote gambling websites and applications (37.1%)

  2. Sports Betting (22.7%)

  3. National Lottery (21.4%)

  4. Local casino gambling (7.4%)

  5. Bingo (4.7%)

  6. Large society lotteries (3.8%)

  7. Arcades (3.0%)

Other sports attract a sizeable percentage too – check this site for AFL information.

These statistics widely represent the main preferences and tastes of British players, whereas the firm first place of the remote casinos is obviously justified. It should still be noted that the revenue of £14.4 billion was still the first time ever when the curve actually decreased in the category of online gambling facilities.

What else is peculiar is that despite the flawless work of the UKGC in terms of monitoring and tracking, a wide range of activities now advocates for the establishment of even more stringent regulations of the continually increasing gambling industry.

Recent developments

Right now, talking about the list of the available payment methods, most Brits are most likely to associate them with:

  • Credit cards

  • E-wallets

  • Bitcoin

  • Prepaid Vouchers

  • Bank Wire and Transfer

The recent news is that the UKGC decided to impose a ban on using credit cards as the payment method available for online gaming purposes. Most quality casinos have already reported to experience higher extents of financial vulnerability, even though the ban would only be imposed in April.

Another valid notion is that this decision of the UKGC relates only to the gaming activities, excluding the lotteries, which still is the third-most revenue-driven type of gaming among British players.

Final remarks

By sharing some of the statistical insights, we are capable of representing the scale of popularity of gambling activities in the UK. According to the most recent estimates, approximately 24 million people gamble in the UK, whereas at least 10 million are engaged in gameplay online.  You can find the best odds online for any activity you want to play.

The consequences of the ban on credit cards would certainly have staggering effects on the stability of the online casinos, whereas the objective of the ban could potentially be justified by the fact of needing to cope with problematic gambling patterns. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to track how this ban would impact the industry in the long-term, which we are most likely to cover in our future articles.

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