How to write a research paper in English for college

Being in college is a life-time achievement for a majority of people. It is an opportunity to achieve one’s dreams and proceed to become a better member of society. While this is the case, college life comes with daunting writing tasks. Every college student must write a research paper before graduation. This article shows college students how to write a research paper.

Get Familiar with the Assignment

Some students hit the ground running when they have a research paper. They feel that, since they have done similar jobs before, the current research paper is like any other paper. Such learners never have time to understand what the professor is asking. As a result, they end up getting low grades and wonder why. Their main problem is the failure to read all the instructions carefully. You need to go through the assignment to get an idea about what the instructor expects. Read the following materials before commencing:

  • The grading rubric

  • Prompts

  • Additional instructions

Pick a Topic

Proceed to this step once you are sure you have understood the topic well. Here, you decide what you will be writing about. It is advisable to pick a topic that you can tackle well. Avoid writing about something you are not interested in. Do not be worried that you have got a “perfect” topic. Instead, ensure that the topic gives you the flexibility you need to argue your point of view. Sometimes, the professor may have provided guidelines on the topics you can handle. Choose one that meets the requirements included in the instructions. Where you cannot choose a suitable topic, ask professional online service to write my essay for me cheap.

Research Extensively

Now that you have an appropriate topic, it is time to research. This phase is critical because you get an opportunity to determine the viability of the topic. Research entails getting documents with relevant information that will assist you to write the paper. A research paper will need credible academic sources. You can get books and journal articles on your school library or Google Scholar. Evaluate the relevance of the materials and remove those that are not applicable to your problem. Avoid unreliable sources like blog articles.

Create an Outline

Since you have the materials you need for the paper, plan on what you will cover by creating an outline. An outline should include the main points you would cover in the research paper. Having an outline will ensure that you do not leave crucial details behind. It will also assist you to remain on course while you write. Avoid the temptation of writing the paper without an outline as this will have negative implications on your paper. Alternatively, ask a custom essay writing service to develop an outline for your paper. Here, you will have an experienced writer developing an outline that will make the writing process easier.

Look at the Assignment Critically

Your aim is to get the highest marks possible. This means you have to be careful with every step in the process. Now go back to the instructions and other documents that the instructor provided for the paper. Take more time to review the instructors if possible with a pen and highlighter. Underline areas that are critical for the assignment while also making notes. The move will ensure you can understand all the parts.

Use quality sources

Go through the materials you managed to retrieve while researching the topic. Identify sources that are suitable for the topic. In academic writing, it is advisable to use journal articles and other credible sources. Avoid getting information from Wikipedia and websites. Additionally, do not rely on a single source to write the paper. You need to synthesize different materials so that you can write a quality paper. Quality sources for research essays will ensure that you have strong arguments in your paper.

Write, then edit

Now, it is time to write the actual paper. Remember the above steps were meant to prepare you. Begin by writing the introduction, then proceed to the rest of the parts of the paper according to the outline. Do not struggle to be a perfectionist at this stage since that can always be done later. When you have problems writing the article, do not hesitate to order pre-written essays. Such essays have the following advantages:

  • High-Quality. They are written by writers who have a wealth of experience in the field

  • No plagiarism. All papers are written from scratch hence they are 100% unique.

After writing, take the time to edit the document. Here, you will see the mistakes that you did while writing.

Check your grammar

Using good English is crucial in earning grade A. A research paper that has grammatical mistakes will reduce the marks you can earn. You can use available tools online like Grammarly to check your grammar.

Concisely, research papers are essential for college students. You need to be careful when writing them to ensure that you get the highest possible marks. Follow the correct research essay format given by your instructor. Remember to follow all the instructions, edit and check the grammar of your paper.

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