History – It’s not always pretty…

There are many incredible things that have happened in the history of this planet, cures for diseases, moon landings, heroes fighting for the rights of all people and even street parties. But, history isn’t always so pleasant or heartwarming, those who came before us certainly experienced some…shall we say interesting things during the growth of humanity.

You think the world and society is bad now? Well, believe me, it could be worse.

In this week’s double dose of Fox, we discussed the stomach turning practices and reigns of tyrants and also some genuinely awkward things that hopefully would never occur again.

Firstly, we touched upon a gentleman by the name of Clement Vallandingham who is probably one of the reasons why guns created in later years come with a safety switch. The lawyer who was an Ohio native, accidentally shot himself in the abdomen in the process of trying to prove a murder case was in fact an accidental death that occurred after the victim Tom Myers shot himself cleaning his gun. He died form his injuries, but won the case. Every cloud I guess…

Rotten Rulers were next, and let’s just say the list is longer than anyone would like. Ivan the terrible, Pharaoh Pepi II, Napoleon, Henry VIII etc.  It would take too long to list the insane and frankly vicious things these tyrants did, but let’s just say I’m grateful not to have been alive when any of them were in charge.

We finished with Medical history that left us, somewhat uncomfortable. Hippocrates drank urine, cocaine was considered a “wonder drug” and used to relieve toothache, donkey liver was used tas hair dye…the list goes on and on and it is frankly ridiculous.

As a history buff, I am routinely reminded of how fortunate I am to be alive in this era as opposed to the previous ones. If you’re looking for something interesting and eye opening to look in to on a bored day – the history of the world and it’s rulers and medical practices is certainly one your won’t be left underwhelmed  by!


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