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Tips On How To Get Your Spotify Playlist Placements

Countless music lovers from across the globe frequently use Spotify promotion to find the newest artists. So for all up-and-coming musicians, it becomes essential to get their music onto the Spotify playlists as well as expose the music to throngs of – potential – fans. But you may be wondering whether the new artists actually get featured?

Trying to get the largest Spotify playlists to actually feature your tracks in the way of trying to reach the curators is not a simple task, yet well worth your efforts for exposure that you will obtain if you are successful. Here are a few handy tips you can use on ways to ensure your music gets featured on the Spotify playlists.

1. Get Your Tracks Onto Spotify Playlists By Pitching To The Curators

When you start pitching your own music, your first task should involve finding out who the curator is for the Spotify playlist that you are interested in. They might be industry bods, media figures, or even just one of the average Spotify users. To find out who they are you can find them on Spotify or conduct your own online research followed by emailing them. Certain playlists are curated by an actual platform. If this is the case, you will have to find out contact information for Spotify’s Artist Liaison.

When you have found the correct details, ensure that you sent a brief email, that features links that direct to your best music. Make sure you have made it easy for the curator to listen to the music you have on offer, and to quickly establish who you actually are.

2. Submit Your Music Tracks To Ditto Music Spotify Playlists

Currently, Ditto Music is accepting new submissions for New-Music Spotify Playlists, that all feature some of the hottest independent and latest tracks. We have curated a variety of playlists that span across different genres that include R&B, dance, indie, and lots more.

We also choose the hottest of tracks that we promote in our personal network of Spotify playlist curators. They control huge playlists such as Viral Top 50, and New Music Fridays.

3. Get Your Spotify Profile Verified

Many of the Spotify playlist curators are more open to including you in their own playlists when the profile of the artist has been verified. In the past you needed a minimum of 250 followers in order to obtain a Blue Tick but this is no longer the case. Now everyone can receive automatic verification, just by signing up with Spotify for Artists.

4. Obtain As Many Followers As You Can

To put things into perspective the musicians that have the most followers are taken more seriously by the Spotify playlist curators. You can achieve more followers by making sure all your family, friends and your fans follow you on Spotify. You should also share any of your tracks across the different social media platforms as well as promote your Spotify account whenever and wherever possible in order to accumulate more followers.

5. Make Sure Your Online Presence Is Professional

When you are in the process of attempting to get your tracks into a Spotify playlist, the playlist curator will more than likely conduct a bit of a background check on you, using a Google search. To ensure you make the best first impression, your overall online presence needs to be professional. This will include making sure social-media accounts, your website and artists bios all over the web are up to date.

6. Share The Playlists You Are Already On

If and when your music does land up on any of the Spotify playlists, regardless of how small, you need to share this as frequently as you possibly can in order to start building up more streams. It is also a great idea that you tag a playlist curator in these posts, which shows you are invested in the playlist, which will help to develop a relationship.

7. Don’t Be Shy To Follow Up

The Spotify playlist curators are constantly in search of the latest and hottest new music, and they strive not to pass over a great track. If you do not find success at first with pitching a track, your message might have been missed. For this reason, be assertive by sending a polite and friendly follow-up email.

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